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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy One Year Anniversary You Two

It all started several years back,
University and high school, 
Still part of their track,

The boy and girl met,
Visited, made friends,
No one had a clue then
Just where it would end.

A few years later,
The friendship grew,
They had to think carefully
'Bout what they would do.
They thought, and they prayed,
And thought and prayed more,
Continued to seek God,
What He might have in store,

Love is so precious,
A gift to explore,
Commit to God,
That He might grow MORE,

You've been faithful to each other,
Your purpose in Him,

Many things you've done well,
Many challenges met,
Many ways you've been blessed,
Your vows you have kept,

Happy One Year Anniversary 
Dear ones,
May the future be the best 
Time of your life yet....

I pray that you will continue to seek the Lord's wisdom, peace, love and joy, that your family would be a light in darkness, because of the Holy Spirit that is yours through Christ.  I love your family with all of my heart.

Mom (Grannie)

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