Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Services: Unconventional Christian-al Realistic Fictional

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In the last few months, I have heard of a few families worshipping in what many would call unconventional settings.  When someone says worship, one of the main contexts that probably comes to your mind would be a group of believers assembled together at a building designated for such. 

Typically  at regular intervals of time through out the week, believers would meet there   to examine Holy Word from the Bible, recite scriptures, sing songs, psalms, hymns, pray, all in worship or honor of our creator God in Christ.

A person's idea of what is conventional or unconventional is shaped and influenced by the microcasm which he or she has lived in, and perhaps some factors that seeped in from the macrocasm of society as social webs expand and connect through work, community, school, T.V., internet, circle of friends etc..

We typically do not live as islands.

Work schedule, home distance from church, family's activities of the week, financial position/ transportation issues, health or family/individual needs.......... Many things can make attendance at a certain time, certain place, quite inconvenient or unlikely.

I want to share with you, two stories of families that found a way to have a wonderful blessed, worship service focused on the Lord, a little unconventionally.

I would like to thank the families whose stories inspired these posts.  

To them I say:

You are BEAUTIFUL, and SPLENDID, and you will know who you are.  Your personal story would be better than mine, but I don't want to take liberties with your privacy, so I hope you enjoy my realistic fiction stories that you inspired.

Before I share these sweet stories with you, I want you to know that I am not discouraging full participation with your home church.  You are blessed if you have a church that is your home church, and an extended Christian body that you look forward to gathering with.

Assembling with the saints is a great blessing and privilege.  

My stories are shared to offer another picture of what worship may look like in those times when you will not be gathering with others as is conventional.

For the story of  Grandma  and Grandpa Moses and their grandchildren, follow link here<.

To hear how Priscilla, Joseph, and their children fellowship with the Lord, follow link here<.

I hope you are touched, and that somewhere, somehow, the Lord is worshipped and honored more, because of ..... the stories I heard......

Tammy@ Grandma Mary Martha♡

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