May I Learn the Lesson in this Answered Prayer

It was the year 2000, and I was commuting to my job as pre-school teacher at a Montessori school, my son in his child safety seat in the backseat.  The story was so significant to me, that I came home and wrote it down.  

Today, 2017, I am cleaning through a box of papers and found it.  I decided to read it and blog my story, "A Dog Saved."

I am skipping the preface prayer and my thoughts describing my questions, and I am going straight to the story, and copying it as written 17 years ago.  I am still baffled, to this day:

picture from stocksnap, just for interest

As I drove on  busy highway 59 between Porter Walmart and the North Park Exit, I saw a pretty dog.  With fur that looked soft and fringed on the legs and elbows, like a Cocker Spaniel, this apparently humbled and wise enough dog (so as to not run blindly into traffic) was trapped on the green grass between busy Hwy 59S and the access road.  Traffic was so hustling that I cringed to think of the fate of this pretty dog.  She cowered near the access road as if she wanted to cross, looking this way and that way at cars zooming by, but not daring to step on to the road.

I muttered a silent but deliberate prayer born out of my concern for this dog,  and my desire to see God's Hand in MY life.  On my way to work, there was nothing I could do for this doggy, but pray....... (I couldn't be late to work, and what would I do with a dog all day while I worked?........)

"Oh God, I know it's only a dog, but could you please, please, take care of it?  Send someone to rescue it and give it a good home.  Don't let it be hit by a car.  And better yet, Lord, could you let me see it.  Could you let me know you've heard my prayer and answered my prayer?"

I do not doubt in the least that God knows the condition of my heart and my faith, and it certainly seems he took mercy on me and orchestrated the beautiful answer to my prayer.

How many seconds (I doubt minutes) of that day, was the little dog physically visible to me on that highway as I buzzed by going 70 miles per hour?  Yet I had been moved to say that prayer on the way to work in Kingwood ....and on the way back home after work 6 1/2 - 7 hours later, what was I blessed to see?!

Six or seven hours later, 
the little doggy was still there, 
about the same posture, 
about the same place, 
and there was a nice looking utility vehicle pulled over to the doggy's side of the road,
 and a man wearing slacks, 
button-up shirt, 
with loosened tie was between the doggy and his vehicle, squatting, 
holding out his hand in friendship offering to that beautiful, blessed little dog.

I couldn't hear what sweet words or sweet tone that caring man was using, but I saw the picture that testified to my heart and I said another silent prayer, "Oh thank you God.  I know the doggy is going to have a good life.  Thank you, thank you!  Did you really answer my prayers?  Please increase my faith!"

I exclaimed to my son (almost 4 years old) about what I saw, and my earlier prayer.  I said, "That doggy is going home with that man and to have  a good life.  I think God answered Mommy's prayer!"

Then my heart continued to talk to Abba Father.

Is there wisdom to glean from this?  
Am I to learn that YOU even hear and care about pleas on behalf of dogs?  
And even if I can't see with my eyes, how my prayers make a difference, that it is right and wise to pray and know that YOU do attend to our prayers according to Your good and perfect will?

Lord increase my faith, and understanding.  Let me give YOU all the glory.  Thank you for Your mercy, and answered prayers.  I look forward to more growth, in Christ Jesus.

I still need to grow.  I would love to hear about an answered prayer or an "animal" story from you.  If you are a blogger and have something that you think would link well to this, please let me know.  I like to link blog article to blog article.

Blessings in Christ,
Tammy @
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  1. This is such a beautiful story

  2. I'm delighted to know I'm not the only one who prays for animals...hahaha


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