Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Deep Sigh, Authentic Truth, My Hope

This nest, this life, this family, 
has not been all that I wanted it to be.

In some ways it has been LESS,
In some ways it has been MORE,

All blog advise urges writers to be AUTHENTIC.
             Authenticity is a motivator to write this.

with out pretenses, 
or masks,
is authentic, right?

So I figured that I needed to blog about something
that is not sunshine, because I am not feeling very sunshiney right now.  

  I am trusting the Holy Spirit to bring me around to focus on the Sonshine!

Can I just first admit that I got some thorns and stickers poking me in my nest?

My life is not perfect.
My nest is not perfect.
My life is not perfect.

What good would telling 
or yelling the thorns do?
(naming or specifying)

They are what they are.

Wonderful thing is, Jesus is never far.

He is with me.
He does love me.
He does care.

And what berries are here?

Countless sweet juicey berries
that were a surprise.
Tasty and sweet  beauty 
for soul and eyes

Lord, about those things that poke and hurt, that I can do nothing about, because it is what it is and it is out of my control... Help me to be strong and joyful, and SONshiney through the Holy Spirit.

...Less of me and more of you please Father... In Jesus's name I pray.  Amen

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–


  1. A wonderful prayer for us all! My mother rarely speaks to me. There’s nothing I can do except keep being me and trusting God. We’ve had lots of family problems...and silence, the bad kind. God bless you for opening up!

    1. Sandi, that is truly a thorn in the flesh, and I hurt from some of those. May we feel the Father's loving arms, and keep our eternal perspective. In Heaven all will be healed.

  2. Yes, my dear, the Lord is always near and His grace is available to see us through. Smile, find a reason to laugh and the sunshine might just come bursting through.

    1. So true Edith. Thank you for visiting. God bless you sister.