Friday, October 13, 2017

Celebration of 10,000 page-views, and a reflection

10,000 page-views HURRAY !!

Hey, I know better than to be big headed.  This is a humble accomplishment, the blogger world knows, but still it is an accomplishment and I am pleased.

I thought it reason enough to do some reflecting, so here now, I will share some of MY journey.

would be my specific verb

I had fumbled,
gotten frustrated,
fumbled and grumbled more,
all the way to learn privacy settings,
setting up,
drafting and publishing basics,

and later, how to  play with theme,
advanced adjustments


I did not know how to link.
I did not know how to get pictures for my blog.

By accident
my new smart phone was synced
with my laptop
and by accident
I found my photos on my laptop

Can you believe it?
In 1998 I had no clue what google meant.
In 2006, my savvy girlfriend
lovingly forced me to practice

A decade later,
Fumbling and grumbling,
I learned how to download pictures
from my phone
and to embed links
(I think that is what it is called.)

Then I read advice informing about
and learned how to download 
and enjoy those

Fumbling, exploring,
Fumbling and grumbling again!

Lastly, I did learn how to do a YOU-tube
and included 
an oral reading of a few poems for 
Grandma Mary Martha

Oh, I learned that having a facebook page 
for your blog was a THING
and so I did that.

Somewhere along the line,
in my research,
exploring and fumbling,
I learned that joining 
a blog support group was advisable

I went to the facebook search-bar and
Christian Women Bloggers
because I knew I was interested 
in joining
other Christians
other women


That was a wonderful new beginning.

I got this notebook:

and indexed for alphabetical order of
contacts made


I had a place for notes,
and was organized

Here in the front is my list of goals and questions:

I still don't know the answers...
I am still learning

I enthusiastically and strategically
participated in my group

Not knowing any better
(want to hear my mistake?)
I was documenting 
my side of the activity
in my notebook


"Who wants to waste their time, and keep
visiting and investing in someone who is not 
going to return the interest or favor?"

But I learned some-things that negated
my original logic:

1)  Whether or not the bloggers reciprocate my visit and interest, I am blessed because of the richness and quality being put out by my blogging sisters.

2)  There are several factors that influence which blogs I choose to visit:
                   ~  Because of the,"Treat others the way you would like to be treated,"  principle if I see someone who has had no attention or few likes, I will try to visit.
                   ~  It is logical that I select first, posts that are of interest to ME that might be in line with something that GRANDMA MARY MARTHA readers may enjoy, because sometimes I choose to share on my blog facebook page!
                   ~  I try to pay attention to names and comments, and reciprocate visits and attention !!

3)  No need to keep record of my activity.  My alphabetized index of blog contacts is seemingly useless.  I don't use it.  I follow links online instead.  DUH.  See how dumb I was in the beginning.  Refer to aforementioned points, and here comes the BEST part:

4)  FRIENDSHIPS do grow.  There are some bloggers that I visit regularly because I FEEL the SUPPORT and friendship.  I think of them as friends, and I look forward to more friendships growing, as I work on growing my blog!!

5)  The blogs of my sister bloggers are a wonderful resource to keep me in a good place mentally.  I continue to LEARN from them about blogging, and to be encouraged in life and my Christian walk.  Win, win, win, win.

My accomplishment is humble.  My goal list seems daunting at times, and I am still learning...  but I am a happy blogger !!

I wish you wonderful sunshine, and Sonshine, in YOUR journey.  I am blessed that you dropped by, and would love to hear from you in the comments.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha๐Ÿ’–


  1. I am blessed by your blog.and the rich insights that you pour forth from just living..everyday with Jesus..that is a joy to me.Thank you ❤

    1. YOU, dear Rita, are distant in miles, but near to my heart (hugs sister)

  2. This is amazing. Well done, All the blogging stuff still confuses me sometimes. I totally agree on building new relationships and it's so comforting sharing the Lords love with other ladies. You are an inspiration, Tammy. God Bless

    1. Thank you Marijon, for dropping in, reading a bit, and taking the time to share some encouragement with me. I appreciate it.

  3. Congrats Tammy. So happy you stayed the course even with the 'fumbling' ๐Ÿ˜€ and we got to connect. I pray you continue to encourage and inspire others and go all that God has placed in your heart. You are dearly loved, Sis

  4. Congratulations Tammy! You are doing amazing work and your perseverance is inspiring :) Please keep writing, the heart and passion behind this blog is humbling. I can not wait to read more about your success in the blogging world!

    Nikki O.

    1. Thank you for sweet words, and for stopping in for a visit. Great to meet you Nikki!

  5. Congratulations, Tammy! Many of us are just like you. We began this journey not really knowing what it's about but we're learning and getting better at it day by day. I love how you ended. Whether our blog features ads or not, we should have a grace-filled experience and not burn ourselves out with worry due to comparison and perfectionism. Glad to be your friend. More grace, dear, and many more testimonies in Jesus' name.

    1. Thank you Edith !! You are such a blessing in my blogger world. God bless you and yours sister in Christ.

  6. Tammy!!! Congratulations and I'm so glad to have "met" you on here. I loved this post.

    1. Thank you Traci! Your blog is always a pleasure !!!

  7. This is a very encouraging post to me, as a fairly new blogger. Thank you for being a voice to your readers.

    1. Thank you for dropping in with some encouraging words, Christina.

    2. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging. It's been amazing. Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging us!