Saturday, October 14, 2017

Awesome Affirmations of Appreciation for Public Schools, and Teachers !

I know something about public schools.  I have worked in them for 25 years plus, and gotten my own kids through a combined total of more than 25 years of public education!

I became a teacher because being around those little kids was food for my soul.  Being in their presence and doing my best for them each day, day after day, fed my spirit.... for many years.

I worked in 6 different school districts across the state of Texas, in schools ranging from inner city, to suburbs, to country.  The kids were always the same, with a few cultural deviations reflective of the homes they came from.  The teachers that I worked with were always dedicated to educating, and put in more hours towards bettering their classes than the community members knew about !

I have attended parent teacher conferences in chairs of teacher, AND parent.  I was always grateful when  a teacher cared enough to contact me and give me insight  that might help me support my child's needs.  If the conference was called for by me OR my child's teacher, I appreciated the teacher's time, and we worked together FOR MY CHILD.

From this experience, I draw, to compose and share my awesome affirmations of appreciation for public schools and teachers:

Thank you for caring about young people and wanting to make a positive difference in their lives, by sharing knowledge, praising effort and encouraging high standards, even when attitudes are bad and support is lacking.

I know you don't give homework or assignments because you want to spend more time grading papers, but that you carefully consider the goals, the curriculum, your students, and make decisions to help boost achievement.

Sometimes you give up personal or family time in order to study, plan and prepare to bring a special lesson to your students.  I appreciate your efforts.

You spend your own money on occasion because you are determined that no student shall do with-out, and I appreciate your kind heart and generosity.

Your life is not perfect, and you may be carrying a great sadness or a heavy disappointment, but knowing the privilege of influence that you have, you choose to smile!

You know school gets more difficult each year, not easier, and you do your best to  help your students STRETCH and GROW to the next grade or what comes next.

You get zero pleasure in entering zeroes and failing grades into the grade-book, or informing parents or students of failing status.

Some days you wonder why you are a teacher, but when you see a student glow in pride of accomplishment, blossom in confidence, blast-off in determination,  or come back and say, "Thank you,"  then YOU are re-fueled for the next stretch.

Passion towards content, caring about people, wanting to make a positive difference were factors in your career choice, and I know it takes tremendous patience and self control during stressful times.

While the public may speak freely to criticize, and rally opposition, YOU respect ethics, privacy, and confidentiality. YOU respond to negativity by continuing to do your best still focused on the goal for the children, the students.

YOU, public school teachers, have done an awesome job educating my children, and countless others.

I appreciate the homework you assigned them to help them practice application of skills learned in class, or to produce a product that would give them a sense of accomplishment which sparks confidence, and helps prepare them for future endeavors.

I thank you for loving the kids, and praying for them, because I know some of you do pray for your students!

I know that many of you go to school each day determined to love the students, large and small, even the difficult ones.  You want to be a light where ever you go.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the freedoms and blessings that we have in this place, the United States of America.  I thank you for every smart and good man and woman that came before me, and is here now, who has contributed to the good of this nation, the good of the schools that serve the public of my country.

I thank you for the teachers, and the administrators, and the school board, and support staff who serve in their capacities for the best interest of the students.

I thank you for supportive parents and families, and teachers that love and pray through Christ.  I know that not all know Jesus, and I pray Father, for Your continued work in Your people, that through us, His light would shine, and kingdom work would be done in the invisible world of the spiritual battling.

In Jesus's name, I pray, and lift up our public schools, and teachers, and ask for YOUR WILL TO BE DONE  in our hearts and ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN,

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  1. Beautifully written Tammy, you are an incredible teacher and co-worker. I'm privileged to call you my friend.