Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pretty for Pennies

I am so excited.  This weekend, we plan to attend our granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  In my adulthood, doing simple crafties such as the above decoration has given me much pleasure. 

 I believe that 

crafties are therapeutic for children and adults, 
and that beauty added to our life in any way, can lift the mood for many, 

I share a bit here.  My granddaughter's mother is planning for the birthday to be in conjuction with a church luncheon as her church brothers and sisters are very special to her, and I think that is beautiful.  My daughter-in-law has it all planned, and does not need my help, but I am surely looking forward to attending.   This is an activity or favors contribution with a few low level card games, candy and bubbles.  

I bought the plastic basket years ago for $1.   The blue lining is a remnant of a used plastic table cloth.  The flower stems are constructed of drinking straws.  For the tallest flower, two straws are stuck together.  Paper flowers taped at the top, turn it in to a cheap, cheerful addition to the party.

Here are the gluten-free sugar cookies arranged to celebrate my granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  How fun, right?  Thanks be to God for our love and blessings!!

My sweetie doing a puzzle with her Mommy:

Happy crafting, and celebrating life.........the good times.  God be your strength, joy, and wisdom, even in the rough times.
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