Diaper Wreath Gift !

The possibilities are endless for this!  I had SUCH FUN!

Let me tell you how I made this. 
Crafty grannie that I am, I actually did not have to go out and buy anything.  What prompted this project, was actually that I had cleaned out a closet and discovered these things, leftover from another event or project (diaper cake*).

I got my package of diapers out.  Well, they look like they were perhaps patterned for baby boy, so............

On a whim, I used the flowers that I made recently, and two paper rolls, diaper, and ribbon, to make what could be a table decoration at a baby shower:

For the wreath, I thought about doing some sort of lacing, rolled up diapers onto a ring of cardboard cut out of an economy size Ritz cracker box, but I decided to use a sturdy paper plate:

I cut the center out.

I arranged the diapers, and rolled and tied, one at a time.

Six diapers were tied on the first layer, and then I applied a second layer the same way, but at this point, my imagination is going, thinking about how I would decorate.  I did no special planning and have limited supplies, but I am thinking how cute colored tulle would be, and how cool if you had a picture of the mother when she was a baby, to add to the wreath decoration, and could make a gift card like I did 

I disassembled the card that I did with paper flowers earlier, and tried on the card of my daughter's (outdated) picture.

Here I am half way done with second layer:

Water jugs in background.  We have to bring drinking water in because the well water tastes pretty terrible.  High high lime mineral content.

An old tissue flower will go in my diaper vase, and I will use my recent straw and paper flowers on the wreath:

I need one more flower:

Will hang with Command hook:

I tried the wreath with one of my grand-daughter's stuffed animals.  I am not giving her monkey away.  This is just for the picture:

Here is the back view, incase you are interested:

I think I prefer duckie version.  Possibilities are endless, and so fun!!  I will probably make a diaper wreath again. I just set duckie on the wreath.  If it was for a real gift, I think I would do a loop of duct tape under duckie.  I would not use hot-glue, or any other chemical , because remember, these are diapers, and I expect the diapers to go on babies bottom.

I actually used only about 20 diapers in this wreath.  There were 8 left over that could be turned into vases, to decorate tables:

Oh if you are getting ready for a baby shower, I have a poignant poem, that may make the ladies laugh.  It often makes me cry........ happy tears.  As stated in my Permissions Policy linked in the right margin, I give permission to read it in public setting (such as a baby shower) but stipulate that you please provide a visual link to my blog. 😊  
Go >here< and scroll down and scroll down, way down, past the pictures of my son as a baby, as a married man, and past pictures of my daughter.  Read the poem titled
 "My Little Pink Souvenirs." 

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