Thursday, August 17, 2017

What is at the root?

Have you ever had a dream (a goal to achieve) come to you, seemingly planted in your heart?  And if it is for God, then you assume it is from Him..... that it is in accordance with His will, because your aim is after-all, good fruits for the kingdom.  

I recently  realized how helpful in decision making it is to consider, "what is at the root."

To make sure my dream or goal is appropriate, or "what is at the root of it", I ask myself:
WHAT do I want to achieve?
WHAT is the goal?
Would it please God?
I always must consider my priorities:
RESPONSIBILITIES (non-negotiable)

Now on the side of accomplishing for the kingdom, with God's blessing, grace, and provision, I am encouraged by standing on HOPE and FAITH, and reaching far and working hard, possibly taking risks with the aim of good fruits for the kingdom being my goal.

But characteristic of walking in this world, we no more than determine our direction for the kingdom, and discouragement is soon to come.  The enemy does not want workers striving and investing time, talents, treasure, or hopes, dreams, faith, for the edification of anyone in Christ (individual or group).  

So when discouragement comes, how do you filter through what is real and legit, and what is a bogus bullet or bomb from the enemy?  To determine, "what is at the root" of the discouragement, and the validity there-of, consider:

1) scripture applied
2) counsel of Christians that you respect
3) prayer/listen
4) What is your fear? Why are you discouraged?

In my case recently, I had to admit my fears and anxiety were tied to fear (more imagined that REAL), vanity...........literal vanity in different ways........... Are imagined fear and vanity valid discouragement when considering a path dreamed toward good fruit??

In the spiritual context, I think not! I shall continue to consider above listed 1,2,3, but understanding the root of my discouragement helps me to know where I intend to place my feet........ on the side of HOPE, and FAITH, good counsel and scripture, not on the side of vanity and imagined fear, or even pride and fear of failure....

Are you facing a decision of choice that is difficult for you, because you think you know what is right, but discouragement comes and scares you or intimidates you?  Consider it all in light of scripture.  Consult Christians whom you respect.  Pray, listen, and stand on HOPE and FAITH to do the right thing. Could it be that you need to step out in faith and trust that God is big enough, faithful enough, trustworthy enough, that with Him on your side, you will come out BLESSED ? (rhetorical question) 

Do what will build someone up, be it an individual or group.  May we live to serve our Father through serving His people.  He loved them all, enough to die for them on the cross. 

When we put our Father first, He will meet our every need.

Thank you for reading.  My His SONSHINE light your way.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

P.S.  Thank you to my counselors, and all glory and honor to our Lord.  His will be done♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


  1. There is a place I am currently serving that, if I lose sight of the fact that I FELT God nudging me into it having prepared me for this season, I would easily want to quit. The stress is immense, but I continue to draw on trust in His good purpose.

    1. "Lord strengthen and encourage Malinda in her journey to SERVE and LOVE, even when it is difficult." (hugs to you dedicated sister)

  2. Hi Tammy! Those questions are so important. We need to constantly examine our motives and check if we want to do will glorify the Lord because as the Bible says, "the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked". Thanks for sharing this insight.

  3. I love the visual picture for this post!

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