Sew cards for my grand-baby

When my grand-daughter (almost age 3) comes to visit, we like to have something new and interesting for her.  She has "her things" and "her space" at Grannie and Grandpa's house.  My sweet daughter is a proud aunt and often is key in these preparations.  

We cut up cereal boxes, into shapes, and a carrier case, as well as extra pieces were used to wrap extra yarn around, with their own craft stick "needles."

This is a crafty to make that cost literally pennies, and great fun for a child can be had.  Little brains are stimulated, and fine motor skills are practiced and strengthened as little fingers manipulate the craft stick "needle" to lead thread through the desired hole in the cardboard design.

Crafties are therapeutic and offer the opportunity to feel accomplishment, in addition to the warm cuddles that can be had while taking the time to teach, listen, show, praise.  It can add up for a child......ready to receive the Sonshine.
** I will load more pictures, later, of little hands at work♡

God bless you and yours,
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Grandma Mary Martha


  1. I have tried arts and crafts with Coco as long as I remember. Apparently, he seems underwhelmed by my crafted art pieces if it's made from boxes or papers. He'll play with it for a while then rip apart into pieces. He seems to enjoy most the torn pieces like a confetti. I just think that he might have something better things on his mind than my ideas. My kid likes to think out of the box. :)

  2. I am not there to see it happen, of course, but from what you share, I say, "Oh Kate, I wish every parent were so wise, creative, and patient! I think your reaction to his reactions is PERFECT!!"

    Once when I was a Montessori preschool assistant teacher, I had planned a paper cutting activity. Our students ranged from 18 months to 3 or 4 years (STILL IN DIAPERS- was my class.) The teacher left the room and when she returned, the children had started to SHRED the paper with their fingers rather than CUT with scissors. I was embarassed with the failure of my plan. There were paper shreds all over the floor. Big learning experience to me. The good teacher said, "That's OK> It's GOOD !! Anytime they are busy with their fingers and interested, they are learning............. This is what MOntessori is !!" She was so sweet and cheerful about it. It helped me to learn and appreciate, the path of learning and growing in Montessori philosophy.

  3. Thank you for sharing this!!! At least I'm not alone on this.
    I almost gave up on our cutting session because he won't follow through our plan. I traced some shapes and lines on the paper and he's supposed to cut along the line. There were success times during but most of it he'll shred the papers into pieces and feed his dino with it. :)
    I'm glad to hear this and you are right about appreciating every possible way of how the child learns.

    1. I love the story of him feeding the shreds to his dinosaurs!!


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