Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Joy in Aging


This is a wonderful day when I leave my computer........ and keep going back, for blog purposes.  I thought this week was going to be dry, but it is practically flooding.  I am building a traffic jam of drafts waiting to be published.  

"God please be in control."

Us bloggers admittedly are a strange sort compared to the norm.  

I am what I am.  I only want to be me, and my blog reflects me.  If you have read much of my stuff, you may think me an old "fuddy duddy."  (old southern expression perhaps)

I used to wonder what aging was like.  I am learning more and more personally..... (Grandma Mary Martha) !!

This will enlighten you a bit, and maybe give you a kick:

You see the older woman now, 
Who likes routine,
Prefers to be at home,

Does not like change particularly,
Relishes QUIET and COUNTRY life
And whose friends would not describe her as

Guess what ??...............

Not kidding.  True.
Well, OK..... he let me pet him
..... but he did not let me ride him.
He bucked me off into the most 
concentrated patch of STICKER burs 
That I think ever existed.............

This older woman........
She once would routinely 
SWIM in the open murky bay
Where big (we assumed)
Dolphin fins glided by in the distance

She once left a note on the van window
Of a non-English, non-Spanish 
speaking foreigner just so she 
Could meet him and his group
They became friends of the family

OK, running out of true tales now,
But bet you are surprised, still.

Oh.... jumped in a swirling river hole and 
Rode, holding my breath through the drainage
Tube to the other side of the road.  
A guy that did it after my sister and I
Got taken to the hospital for stitches in his head.

Maybe I was young and dumb,
I was more adventurous then,


You know

I enjoy my memories,

I am content to focus on 
My simple pleasures of 
Walking with my Lord,
Serving family and whom God brings to me,



All in all,
Getting older is not so bad.
Actually, I quite like it.

Actually for nothing, would I wish to live any of it again,
And I am 

For the destination toward which
I travel

I am HEAVEN bound,
Blessed along the way,
Watching and serving,
Family and friends,
Each and every day.

Thank you for visiting.  I would relish a kind comment or story shared below.  Have a wonderful blessed day.  Hope you are on the way to where I am..................

Grandma Mary Marthađź’–


  1. Great memories!!! That van were the boys from Scotland, weren't they!!!! I remember you made great meatloaf!!!! :)

    1. Switzerland. I think they spoke French, a native dialect of Switzerland, and also English.......... Yes, fun times <3

    2. but not more fun than seeing my grand-baby..... or my grown son happy with his lovely wife.... and my daughter SHINE. Besides all that, as we age, our walk with the Lord only grows in sweetness, if we open our hearts to His wondrous work!!

  2. My friend, I am 34 yrs. old now. I was also adventurous, fun, carefree, brave little woman 20 years ago. I didn't like how difficult circumstances and a couple of wrong decisions caused me to become self-conscious and super extra careful now on how to live my life. This consciousness dissolves the fun of discovering what lies ahead. I love being a wiser person I am now but how I miss the little girl who would not wander her mind to what future may bring but enjoy and seize the present moment. For some reason, this post of yours and the book about FEAR I was talking about with you the other day speak so loudly to me that I should consider finishing it as soon as possible and be blessed by the wisdom of it. It's a privilege to read a personal memories from someone I admire most. It's a blessing to received wonderful insights about little pleasures, yesteryear, and growing old.

    1. You are a beautiful, creative, precious, WISE 34 year old WOMAN, who is busy maintaining a HOME, tending to needs of FAMILY and walking with the LORD. You don't have TIME to pursue all the carefree fun that the Kate of age 18 did ! You are the path as is appropriate, and rich rewards are around you, and ahead of you <3

  3. It's nice and refreshing to read your perspective on aging. As believers, we shouldn't be afraid of aging but the standards of the world intrude our thoughts and sometimes, they make us feel aging is a nightmare. Thanks for showing it doesn't have to be that way. I totally relate with your stance because I'm in my 50's and loving it. xoxo

  4. Wisdom well expressed from you as always Edith! Thank you for your support and kindness.