Sunday, August 13, 2017

Heart seeking revival

Once again, I am inspired my my blogging Christian sister, Rita. (>Here is a draft of chapter one which she recently shared of a book that she is writing<)

In the above linked article she addresses the Christian community on the subject of revival, speaks to some ideologies that arise in response to the topic, as well as gives a historical reflection and scriptures to consider.  I, myself am not a deeply Bible academic student.  I, myself am very content to dwell most often in matters of the heart.  I, myself am often stirred by the words from Rita's heart.

Here are some thoughts that I ponder, as I join Rita in prayer for revival.

Rita reminded me that revival is from the Holy Spirit and is comprised of REPENTANCE, and spiritual AWAKENING, and it increases love and peace.

YES, that is the work of the Holy Spirit!

I want that !!

What is more important...
grievances that I have against certain faces...
hurt feelings... disappointments...


to be a vessel of love and wisdom,
filled with the Holy Spirit's fruits and work,
that I may be an instrument of healing and love,
a LIGHT in Christ,
that others may be encouraged and edified


What will I  allow bigger in my life,
My FEARS and disappointments and hurts,


My GOD and my HOPE and FAITH in Him


What is more important?
What will I allow to be biggest?
What do I wish for?
What do I seek?
What do I indulge in?
What do I pursue?

LORD, God, my Father and Savior,
I pray,
Let it be YOU.

Not flesh,
But Spirit.

(>Follow this LINK to enjoy Rita's write-up about the names of God<)  It will inspire you and encourage you in worship and praise.

Blessings to you dear creations of God.  Thank you for reading♡

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–


  1. Thank you precious friend for sharing this...It is my prayer that more people will be stirred up to pray for this and I thank you for being an intercessor for such a time as this, we need more intercessors for revival...I think God is waiting and wanting us to unite in this prayer...and I know it is going to happen. Tammy, you have been a great pillar and a light shining for me at a time like this..Thank you so so much and God bless you you sis.

    1. Love and hugs to you Rita!!! It has been thrilling to be connected with you in Christ, through this blogging platform that God has given us <3

  2. Hi Tammy! I join you and Rita to pray for revival. I feel it's long overdue where I am but I'm guessing you ladies also feel the same way given how the church is sliding and the world is totally losing control in its decadence. Let the rains fall, dear Lord! Let them drench us with the power of your Spirit and turn innumerable hearts to you in Jesus' name.

    1. AMEN to that Edith! Thank you for visiting here, and for your support. Hugs across the ocean, sister.

  3. Amen...Edith and Tammy, yes, heart is heavy, so much is happening, where we are tragedy after tragedy...and now the threat of war..more and more. I join you in prayer....let's keep praying for that downpour.washing, cleansing, awakening...and Holy Spirit convict hearts..Amen