Fun Chicken and Squash

My son and his family are welcomed in this house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but I like to know in advance when they are coming (if possible) so I can be prepared.  One reason is, a grocery store is not near-by and what my daughter and I are content to eat, is not guest serving standard. 

 I like to have special food for my son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter.  This time, I made CHICKEN and SQUASH   PARMESAN, and as I prepared it myself, this time I thought, "How much fun this would be for a kid to do......"

I had a 3 pound bag of frozen "chicken tenders."  I cut them in half to make STRIPS.  I put two sleeves of RITZ crackers,  into a bowl, and smashed them to crumbs with the bottom of my grand-daughter's cup.  How much would a kid love to do that?    I cut the ends off of two squash and cut them in half.

I put about one part Parmesan cheese into 3 or 4 parts crumbs.  (Grandma Mary Martha likes to cook with out measuring and being precise.)

Then I plopped two (big serving size) spoons of mayonaise, on top of the chicken strips.

FUN PART that kids can enjoy helping with:  Give the raw chicken and squash a bath in the squash.  Just rub 'em down with mayo!!

Then roll 'em in the crumb Parmesan mixture, and set them on a wire rack set on a baking sheet.  You could of course set them on an oiled baking pan, but I like the rack method.

I filled up two sheets/racks like this, and when I had a little bit of mayo and crumbs left over, I simply looked for a scantily dressed piece of chicken or squash and and applied it with a spoon.  Squash set skin side down.

I baked it at 400* for about 5 or 10 minutes and then turned the oven down to 350*.  When it is white through and through, and lightly brown it will be tender, juicy and yummy. I didn't track the time, sorry.  I am Grandma Mary Martha, not a professional recipe blogger. Fun and creative sharing, and Sonshine are my main goals here.)

Above are next day left-overs.  I got too busy enjoying my visitors, to take more pictures yesterday evening when they arrived.

Right here, I am going to try and link to two awesome write-ups by two of my blogging sisters recently, hoping one will be a particular blessing to you.

đź’–Here is link to a young woman, young mother of small child ,blogger,  "Happy Healthy Holy Home," ><   I found it particularly encouraging towards mother's who are perhaps putting other goals or focuses aside in order to invest in their small children.  A VERY IMPORTANT JOB !!!  

đź’–Here is my favorite empty nest blogger.  She doesn't necessarily call herself that, but she is a Christian blogger, who is dealing with the adjustment of parenting ADULT children, like  I am, and everything I have read that is written by her, has been very relevant and encouraging for this stage of life for me.  Maybe you would enjoy her posts as well.  Here is her recent post  >The Comment that Wouldn't Leave Me Alone<.  I love them all, by Lori Ziegler!

Blessings to you, sisters of God's world, whatever stage of life you are in.  God builds beauty, lessons, challenges, hope, and wisdom in to each season!  I truly hope you come back here to visit, and sign up for me to share encouragement via e-mail (box in upper right of computer format).

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