Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dreams meet Reality

I have made reference to this in my blog before.  This is not new news.  

I am expecting to pull back from my blogging for a season.    I am a teacher, and it is necessary to prepare for another school year, for one reason.     I consider the blog and my heart to be in the Lord's hands.        His will be done.

Here is ONE MORE blog post before I really do (I think and expect) pull back a bit, for a season.

It is about enjoying the sentence, paragraph, page, or chapter that you are in..................... 

Recently this came up in conversation with a friend.  I saw her going through similar emotions that I had gone through when I was about her age.  I told her I thought it had to do with  dreams meeting  reality.  Her dreams and my dreams were different, are different.  Her reality and my reality were and are different.  

Life is not a fairy-tale.  Seldom does it turn out like a dream (at least in my life), yet in all honestly this has not meant for me, that life has been less.  My pleasures and pursuits have just been different from my dream life.

Have some of my dreams come true?  Yes, absolutely!  Have some dreams been adjusted along the way?  Yes, absolutely!
Have there been wonderful adjustments....wonderful surprises?  YES!!  Have there been some disappointing surprises??  Yes, of course!  This is life.

Almost constant has life, for me, called for a concerted effort  to look at the positive, and be positive, and SOMETIMES I have FAILED, knowingly.  Sometimes I failed, unaware.  For me...........this has been LIFE.

I would like to address the times when you, sister, 
carry an un-easiness because a dream is fading, 
as  reality becomes clearer. 

It is during these times,
 that it is particularly important that you  take life 

one word
one sentence
one paragraph 
one chapter

one second
one minute
one day
one week 

at a time, over and over,

focusing on the positive,
and being OBEDIENT,

trusting God for the unknown,
resting in His care,

knowing that 

Christ died for you,
He called you,
He claimed you,
He is faithful and trustworthy.

He cares, 
about every little detail.

Every detail,
Every word,
Every minute,
Every chapter,
Every day,

It doesn't have to be fun.....
but He CARES.

You will be OK
You will adjust.

If you trust Him,
He will be with you 
All the way!

Find pleasure and joy,
In the small things,
The new surprises,
The special gifts,

Allow Our Father to minister to you,
His Body of Believers,
His Holy Word.

Allow your Good Shepherd to usher you in
to your adjusted dream,
your new reality,
your current phase of life.

It is all only for a season.
It is only a word 
or a sentence
or a chapter

It is not your full story............
And ...we know how ...this book ends
for those that are called according to His purposes.

And He wants you to be 
JOYFUL in the journey♡
♡Right♡where♡you are !!

đź’śChristian Blogger sisters, you are invited to share a link in the comments below to one of your posts about JOY, or a scripture study on the topic of JOY, and I will leave it in the comments and also aim to LINK it into this post.  You would add to my delight, and brighten our readers day if you would.đź’ś

Somehow, the theme of this poem is tied to OBEDIENCE because sometimes our reality does not fit in to our dream precisely because we are choosing OBEDIENCE in a certain area.  If any of you have a thoughtful piece on OBEDIENCE, and how God rewards OBEDIENCE, I would be glad to link that in here also.

I am excited to do this, because I love offering to those who will receive, and I trust the Father to use our words and our willingness in the ministry of blogging.


I am here for you, in Christ,
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

Here it is my pleasure to share links to other thoughtful blogs which touch on the subject of joy, or obedience.

If you have ever had to work through grief of a great loss, to get to JOY again, you may find comfort in sharing Keisha's journey here, as she tells about dealing with the loss of a baby that she loved and wanted.  Her family lost "Baby Webber," before birthday was celebrated, but God brought her through her tunnel of grief, to live in joy again. >Here, read Keisha's story, and know that as God was faithful to her, HE will be faithful to you!<


  1. Thanks you for this. I needed it today!

    1. I am glad you visited, and THANK YOU for letting me know that these words ministered to you today.

  2. Oh my dear friend, you made it easier now for me to set things in God's perspective. Life may not be fairytale for me but in every fairytale stories, there's always hope, inspiration, courage, kindness, and love.. I see them all in YOU. I love you and you have brighten my blogging journey more than you'll ever know.❤❤❤

    1. And YOU have brightened my world dear Kate !! The Lord's will be done, in our hearts, our friendship, our lives, our blog. I am so very grateful for this encouraging fellowship on the journey <3 Thank you for your affirming words.

  3. It seems like you wrote this for me! Thanks for your encouraging words. I hope you have a wonderful school year! I will be heading back in a week too, as a substitute teacher.

    1. Brenda, thank you for letting me know that my words meant something to you. Hope you have a WONDERFUL school year!

  4. As long as God is in the midst of it all....

  5. Beautiful thoughts to live by, for sure! Knowing that the Father is writing my story is precious.

  6. This is great advice, Tammy! God's grace with the forthcoming school year in Jesus' name.

    1. Thank you for dropping by Edith!! I am so grateful for growth and wisdom along the way, in Christ, because this life is sure full of it's challenges isn't it? Even for the most blessed of us........

  7. I truly love this! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts

    1. Thank you for visiting and saying something nice.

  8. I also have some of my dreams that faded because that's not what God wanted for me but I learnt to rest upon his will and promises on those days

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting, and saying something lovely.

  10. I love when you stated, "Find pleasure and joy,Unexpected,in the small things,
    The new surprises,
    The special gifts,
    Over the past couple years it was hard to find pleasure in the little things that made me happy. It got to a point where I deleted my 1st blog and YouTube channel. I was satisfied not with my works but with myself. After,spending months, days and years with feeding my soul with the word of God. I have found JOY, and Peace with the little things in life. My dreams are becoming a reality. I am committed to continue my journey even if I face obstacles along the way.

    1. Teliah, that is wonderful to read that over time, with your good choice to honor God's word by SEEKING it as food for your soul, He has blessed and grown you! Life will get better and better indeed. Thank you for sharing.