Monday, August 7, 2017

Blogger Inspiration from Dr. Suess

I was so excited when I realized that I still had this  article to share!  

Way back in 1992, I was waiting with my mother in the office of a physical therapist, and I picked up this copy of Reader's Digest from that year.  The physical therapist who owned the business, had actually provided physical therapy for me years prior when I had to recover from an accident, and she let me take the magazine home because I was so excited to share this with my students.  Year after year I did just that.

There is an article in here, by Peter W. Bernstein, that is absolutely inspiring, about the life of Dr. Seuss.

I would introduce my talk to my students by saying something like this:

"How many of you know about Dr. Seuss books?" I would hold some of his books up and lots of kids were holding their hands up by then, ready to talk and share their experiences with Dr.Suess's books.   

"How many of you think he's a pretty cool artist, judging from the pictures in his books?"  Lots of kids would hold up their hands, again smiling and ready to talk....

"How many of you think it would be pretty cool to have a job like that.........where you earned money by doing art?"  Then I would let them talk about their favorite Dr.Suess characters, and this could easily lead into an art lesson....

"His writing.......... his words.........  Have you enjoyed them?  I have!  Well let me tell you some interesting things about Dr. Seuss."  I would hold up my copy of the Reader's Digest here, and proceed to share with them what I learned.

His 48 books have been translated into more than 20 different languages.

More than 200 million copies sold and earned him the Pulitzer Prize.

Theodore (Ted) Geisel, the man who was Dr. Seuss, often spent a year on ONE BOOK, and threw away 95% of his draft material!!

(Bloggers can you apply that as encouragement??  Think we see work ethic applied here??)

His high school art teacher told him, "You will never learn to draw."

(Should we let what people say limit our dreams, goals, or work??  NO !   No person's words determine your success or failure.  We care first and foremost what God thinks and says in His Word.)

He married the girl that saw one of his drawings and said, "That's a very fine flying cow."  (How's that for a love story opener?)

27 publishers rejected him, and of course sent back criticism, before in 1937, one took the chance on him...........

(Does rejection determine your future?  I hope not.  Does it determine your identity?  It should not.)

He worked a year and a half to craft, "The Cat in the Hat," with all it's original cool artwork, and fun story script and rhymes using 228 words for early readers.

(With your blog goals, be kind to yourself.  Understand it takes WORK, PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION, over and over, to be successful.  Remember why you do what you do, and don't give up doing what you love...)

Again it was my pleasure to share.  I truly hope you have found this article uplifting an inspiring as we examined together some interesting facts about Dr. Suess's life, as presented in the April 1992 issue of Reader's Digest in the article, "Unforgettable Dr.Suess," by Peter W. Bernstein.
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  2. Oh, How I love to read biographies. That's one of favorite thing to do on earth. I love to know what these great people went beyond, what path they took, their struggles that are real, the simple things that switch them on to make great things.
    Thanks for this my friend. And more stories to come.

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  3. Great lessons and very helpful insight from his life. Thanks for sharing - it sounds like you are a great teacher!

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  4. Brought tears to my eyes this morning as I began to remember all those books and how I will also share with the grandkids the story of Dr. Seuss!!!! Have a blessed day!!!!Anna

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