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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Season of Singleness

I suppose we all experience a season of singleness.  Though we generally think of singleness as referencing to young people who are unattached my marriage..... "married and with children" can even have a week or so of singleness... depending on circumstances. 

So it is my great pleasure to link you here, to an awesome article, and blog, by a very cool, smart young single lady.  As a grandmother blog, I care about all women....married, single, young, old.  For your time(s) of singleness, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Please enjoy:"20 Fun Things to do as a Single Christian Woman" by Chioma Oparadike .

Like and share, and have a wonderful, blessed day !!!  Do come back again, and someday drop a line in the comments.  I have made sweet connections in the blogging world, and would be so happy for YOU to be one of them.

 🌟May the Sonshine be bright in your life today🌟

Grandma Mary Martha 💖


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    1. True, in comparison of eternity, everything here is fast and fleeting. Thank you for stopping by.


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