Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Specifically to Mothers of Daughters

Oh how blessed you are, to have a daughter !!

Years ago, 
when I only knew, 
mothering a son,   a woman told me: 
 Haven't you heard the expression, "Have a son 'til he gets a wife.  Have a daughter all of her life?"


Well, this gave me pause for thought.

How could I process this?

Twenty years later, 
I am here. 
 I can clearly see....

God has a purpose and a design for each of us,
 and old fashioned a bit or a lot, that I am, 
God has a purpose or a plan, for each of us, 
partly contingent on if we are to be woman or man.

I thought there could be none closer, than mother to son,
but  then in this life, God granted
that I daughter I won♡

Honored are you mothers 
who get to raise a woman for Him,
I pray every step of service, to Him you GIVE

How you love her,
How you teach her,
What you teach, in word or deed,
This will effect her for decades to come, 
And quite possibly,  effect your family
for generations to come,

Never fail to treat her as the gift that she is,
Teach her to know that she is ENOUGH as she is,
As long as to Christ, she seeks her life to GIVE,

No man shall ever determine her worth,
She has been exquisite and unique,

A   PRESENT since birth,

Your friend forever,
To share all that God grants,
Life's lovely milestones,
Self righteous rants,
You are always in her corner,
And hopefully, she in yours

Because she is your daughter,

God is your judge,
Your counselor,
Your provider,
The creator of all,
The giver of this gift, 
Precious above all,

To be mother of a daughter,
Being your divine and glorious CALL.

God bless you, and help you,  in your mothering,
Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. This is absolutely heartfelt true. I love this. Couldnt have expressed it any better. <3!

    1. Thank you for reading dear. I can not even express the blessing that is to ME to see YOU enjoying your daughter, sister, niece... and others. YOU are brilliant, and loaded with potential, and you are shaping a masterpiece there in Haley. Keep going in that right direction with God, and we are trusting and expecting that so much more WONDERFUL is on the way. I love you Tina <3

  2. Awe. I don't have a daughter, I have two sons and an older step-son. I agree with this 100% though. I am so close to my mom. My husband and I keep discussing if we will try for another child. I really want a daughter but four kids is a lot (we live in NYC). And now the boys all want a puppy (ha!). We will see. There is a special bond between mom and daughter though, it's truly something to hold dearly.

    1. So you have sons in your life.... that will mean daughters-in-laws in the future, and THAT is a ministry. God will equip you and richly reward you I am sure, and bring blessings from those relationships, that only HE could have planned or conceived for you all. Thank for visiting!

  3. I love this! I am expecting my first little girl later this year. (first time momma) I swore I was having a boy, so finding it out there's a girl in there was quite a surprise to both me and her dad. But I'm excited and reading this reemphasizes that excitement. I can't wait to watch her grow and be her momma!

    1. The journey is unfathomably wonderful !! God bless you dear new mommy, and sweet daughter on the way.......

  4. My friend, we're both blessed with a lovely, godly daughters and for that I am forever grateful with God. My daughter is one of my bestfriend. And I am hers too. God equipped my daughter to be more understanding and helpful especially with his younger brother who needs more help and care. If only she'll remain forever sweet 14 so that we could talk more childish things, giggles about everything, her crush confessions. Oh, time is running out. Love them with all our hearts before they leave our house.

    1. Again your comment makes me smile. I am so glad you have that wonderful friend relationship with your daughter NOW. I know it will continue, and having each other will make each phase or stage of life sweeter. Yes, they grow up and leave, quickly. I can hardly believe my son is gone from my daily life.........except in thought and prayer and maybe texts and phone calls.....