Sunday, July 23, 2017


Until this summer, I had NEVER been on a "prayer walk," with others.
I talked to God through out the day, of course, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud, knowing and taking comfort in the knowledge that my every thought was shared with Him by virtue of His AWESOMENESS.

The week when Sweet Pea died,  (BEANIE Baby(s) label in right margin), and I was very sad, and had to adjust to my loss, my change in routine, no baby kitty to love on and care for..... I was naturally cheered and encouraged by my blogging sisters' words.  Especially Rita's write up on spiritual warfare.  It was not what I expected it to be, but it moved me to expect more and work for more in my prayer life, and it inspired a new passionate appreciation for the sacrament of communion, where by Christians partake of the fruit of the vine representing Jesus's blood, according to instruction from Jesus.  (♡♡Read it here; thank you Rita♡♡)

With this inspiration and no intention of excluding anyone, I sent a personal invitation to a few ladies to do a prayer walk with me in our community.  We agreed on a time and place, and I have begun our weekly meetings  for this purpose.  What a blessing it has been !!!

"Lord, help me to make this a life long habit of fellowship, and prayer ministry!"

How, cool that the first sister to meet with me on this....... was in 100% agreement with me on vision and purpose.  She is mature, and I was comforted that she would be my partner on this!

How, cool that when the next week, others could not come for one reason or another, but a sweet sister who I had known for a few years, but not known very well........ showed up, and encouraged me because she is EXPERIENCED at this prayer walking.

I told them all, "I have never done this before."

I felt a tiny bit awkward, though we all fully believed that the LORD was right there with us ALWAYS where ever we walked or sat.  We did it!!  I learned from Rachel, who had done this many time with another sister.

I thanked her for coming to meet with me, and being an encouragement to me and she said it was her honor.  I thanked her for letting me learn from her and she was easy to do it with.

We just walked,
prayed, taking turns,
praised our lord,
sometimes referencing scripture,
sometimes just offering up a praise,
sometimes lifting a personal request,
sometimes lifting a business,
a building, the people that would come and go,
the families related to the various businesses,
the prodigal, wayward children,
the unborn,
teachers, coaches, school administration,
churches, church leaders.

The style seems to vary as the individuals that make up our group vary.  Sometimes we enjoy the TALK swishing between personal sharing and reflecting and then cooperatively agreeing in prayer to support what we discussed.  Always in  love and positive terms before our father.

Meeting with the sisters, hearing from them before the Father in this intimate way is very satisfying, and I am grateful.  I know we do a good thing, and I share here, to encourage anyone who will hear.  We walk and pray, ready to receive from Him, and witness His faithfulness.

Anyone local, just contact me if you want to join us.
Anyone far away, I encourage you to step out in faith and invite some sisters to join YOU in prayer walking, if you are not already connected.

Lord guide us in our ways.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. Dearest Tammy, thank you for this very inspiring post, wow!! A prayer walk, thinking we should do it one day. Also I loved the way you and your friends walked, praised and talked to the Lord. I am sorry you lost Sweet Pea...out of that pain, this came, this prayer walk and I am really encouraged by that. Thank you for your every encouraging words. These past three days have been a trial for me, but your blog post lifted me up!!Thank you precious sister, love you ❤

    1. Oh, THANK *YOU* dear sister !! I am fed well, every time I go to your blog! I am so blessed to have found you. (Big hugs in Christ)

  2. A great idea now that it's summer....

  3. I love this idea. It would be nice to meet with some fellow prayers and do a prayer walk around our community!