Monday, July 17, 2017

Is Fungus in YOU ?

Got yucky stuff attached, and growing in your life, your spirit? 

The Bible talks about certain  sins as being carnal or fleshly.  Just like a fungus takes its life FROM its source or host, I assure you, these fleshly or carnal sins take life energy from you, if you allow them to reside.

Galations 5:19-21, and 1st Corinthians 3:3 are two places in the Bible where these sins are listed.  
You will recognize them:  
Oh, definition of wrath is extreme anger and in context, this is not righteous anger; this self absorbed anger with unrighteous motive. Likely it victimizes people in its path, and will make you ill.

Notice how polar opposite the fruits of the Holy Spirit are from the carnal sins:  

long suffering (patience) 
are the good fruits listed in Galations 5:22

Think about how those good fruits make you feel.   They give you a smile.  They give you good energy.  They invigorate you so that you have more goodness to share with others.

The carnal sins, do not give you a smile beyond the harlot's.  If you dare to give your life over to the carnal fleshly sins, they eventually consume your very life, like a fungus consumes its host.  They deplete your life energy and diminish your ability to love, and bless others.

Don't allow it.



 Invite a brother or sister in Christ's family to pray with you and for you. You may have VICTORY because even while you were yet the sinner, our Lord paid the price on Calvary.  Victory is for all who believe and give their life to Him, and He has sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper.

It is not a shame.  It is his divine design that we encourage one another and help carry one another's burdens (Galations 6:2).  And hear me now, "I have called on a sister/friend, or brethren or minister of the church more times than I can count, over the years, seeking support in the way of prayer or counsel."  

It is as it should be....that we help one another. 2nd Corinthians 2:7-8 is very clear that to restore a discouraged brother, we (the church members) are instructed to be forgiving, LOVING, and comforting to a person who needs restoration.

  If we (myself and blog readers) can support you in your path, in any way, please comment below.  The Lord's will be done, in your life, my life, and the world.

Tammy, at
Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. Necessary reminders and delivered with grace. Keep shining the light, Tammy, and more grace upon you in your blogging and other endeavours. xoxo

    1. Edith, your kind support truly gives me a lift. And blessings to YOU in your endeavors, teaching, and mentoring! sister hugs from across the ocean <3