Sunday, July 23, 2017

Calzone and more:

I did some fun Grannie cooking today (June 17) Took a few days to finish blog, and schedule it in:

1) Calazone with my 25% Healthy bread  (BIG BATCH)

2)  strawberry, chocolate, and coconut pie <linked in

This cooking was to share with family who was heading my way.  Calzone for us all to eat in the afternoon of their arrival at our river resort destination.  Chocolate Pie for in honor of my daddy.  Strawberry pie in honor of my mother. 

Here is how I made the bread, and used it for the calzone:


The 25% Healthy Bread (BIG BATCH)
1) In big pyrex (microwavable glass), I warmed 
    4 cups milk, 
    2 sticks butter, 
    and stirred in  1 cup sugar
    and added 2 packets active dry yeast
Let the liquid and yeast mixture set for one minute.

Then mix in 
4 cups white flour

1 cup ground flax-seed
1 cup ground almond meal (made from almond nuts!!)

After considerable mixing with your machine or in my case my spatula, it may be time to take off the wedding ring and use clean hands for kneading and mixing.

Then I cover with a warm damp cloth, and let it rest for one hour:

Whisk to mix: 
2 teaspoons baking powder
4 teaspoons salt
1 and 1/2 cups flour

I used my fingers to break up the baking powder lumps, because for some reason they seemed a little hard, that that would not be good..........

Now, if you want to use this recipe for regular BREAD, go for it !!!   Skip the cabbage and vegetable part and go to the dough pictures if you want, but I am making calzone, and so I am prepping veggies.

Possibilities are endless here, so do what you and your family like.  My family is OK with cabbage and onions, so I cut it in small pieces, and saute-ed, but with a pan on top for a lid, it becomes a form of steaming:

Now, after this beautiful dough rests for and hour, it is ready to be kneaded and formed. It yielded 4 big calzones that are sliced to serve and about 8 cinnamon rolls!!

Role your dough out and down the center, apply the ingredients of your choice.  I did some with cheese and some with out cheese, and some with veggies and some with out veggies, and some with hamburger meat seasoned with Italian spices, and some with packaged ham and pepperoni.

For some reason, this bread form or style is what I will do next time.  It is functional and neat and no fuss.

I baked in oven set to 350* and when the bread began to get golden brown, and made a hollow tapping sound when thumped........... it was done.

With left over dough, I smeared butter generously on rolled out dough, and then generously sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon, ROLLED and cut slices, and then baked cinnamon rolls!

We had so much left over, that I ran a bit in town to a friend that just got home from the hospital, AND my daughter ate on it, before we got to our river destination with family.

It has been my pleasure to share with you here.  Hope you enjoyed, and that you make calzone YOUR WAY someday.  I think it will please your family.

We ate on our calzone for days, as leftover waiting in the fridge when someone came in hungry.

Grandma Mary Martha 💖

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