Saturday, July 8, 2017

Book Lover's Surprise

Ya'll bear with me here.  Oh skip this part if you don't care:

I would like to explain something to you.  In case you haven't caught on to it:  I am a novice blogger.  I am novice, but I would say I am committed and passionate, for the same motivations that I mentioned in my "pages" to the right of the computer format blog.

Being novice, there are many things I do not understand or know, related to this field, but I HAVE researched, and learned much.  Some of the things I have learned are:
I am not likely to be sued if I am being nice and fair, which I always aim to be.  Secondly, if someone was going to sue me for something about my blog, generally before legal action is taken, the party would make effort to resolve it out of court.  (You really cared about this huh?  Probably not.)

Well, anyway, all this to say that after my research, I am choosing to post book reviews featuring pictures of the covers with out express written permission of anyone, but I do not expect a problem because number one, everyone benefits.  This is good and free publicity here, born only out of my reader's heart's desire to SHARE GOOD BOOKS.

This is my recent book recommendation:

If you haven't heard of Laura Story, she is a Christian recording and performing music artist.  This is her story about dealing with life after her husband, early in their marriage was stricken with a brain tumor, and though he has his life, he lives with "brain damage," and life is not at all what Laura dreamed it would be.

Walking with her Lord, and with the support of the Christian body, Laura describes her journey through every obstacle and hurdle, as she became stronger and learned to shoulder more and more responsibility and adjust to a new normal........ their normal..........

Laura's faith,
                     is awe inspiring.

 I recommend you read it......

Did you know that if you don't want to buy it, the public library should have the network means to absolutely order the book (for sharing, lending) FOR YOU.  You may have to be assertive, because the public librarian that you ask may not know about it, or they may not want to be bothered, but in the United States of America it is so !!  You can read, with out having to pay for the book.  (Sorry for the spoiler, book sellers, but I feel like people should know.  Not everyone has the extra income...)

Now here is my big surprise.  I am linking HERE to my other blog (Tammy's Sonshine) which I do not add to anymore and which was just part of the learning process along the way.  It is easier for me to link you to it to share my other old book recommendations  with you, (that you could order second hand from Amazon) rather than me doing all the  blog work over again, here.

Hope you enjoy.
Love in Christ,        Grandma Mary Martha 💖                                 

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