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Friday, July 21, 2017

A Precious Time

This picture is so special to me.

It represents FAMILY.  Memories, she doesn't know.  Love she may not fathom.  Ties, and a history......... hopes and dreams.

This is my lovely niece, first grandchild to this man, my daddy.  I can remember when my sister would snail mail us the latest snapshots or professional photos, of my baby niece.  My mom and dad and I would be walking on air for a day, oohing and aawing about the beauty, the miracle of creation, that was in "our baby," and my sister was so good to faithfully share, even if it meant wrapping and addressing and snail mailing a parcel.

We watched her grow, and welcome, and embrace her baby cousin, baby brother, and finally a girl cousin (my daughter) on this side of the family.  She was always a mild, well mannered, "cautious child."  My mother has a story she likes to tell, where Brittany answered in context of the story, with, "No. I might hurt me-self."

As far as I know, she was a rule follower, with an innocent and pure heart... a hard worker.  Her accomplishments permitted her to get scholarships to her preferred university, and she adjusted to life away from her home of origin, and took our hearts with her.

She studied, and worked so hard......... and DANCED, for she is an accomplished dancer among other things.

Now she is a Registered Nurse.  I so admire what she does, what she deals with on a daily basis.

She is rather reserved personally, as an adult.  I thought it was PRECIOUS when I caught this tender time between her and her grandfather.

I don't think she can fathom how much we love her.  She is busy, and she lives far away and we don't often get to see her, but we love her so much, and are so proud of her.

Why do I blog about it?  Because I can (unless she tells me I shouldn't).  I believe in sharing the flowers, and I am doing it here.  May you find someone to share flowers with.  Let someone know how special they are to you.........

Grandma Mary Martha thinks you should.

Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

1 comment:

  1. So sweet, sis, thank you. Yes, she is a sweet, beautiful, precious, and rare flower. She holds my heart for sure!


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