Update on Our Little Beans

Well I am pretty exhausted.  So is sweet daughter.  I told her that being a mother is going to come naturally to her after all this experience.  If you missed the first account of our little beans, visit another part of my blog, about what I did not want to deal with...

Typical of any new mother, if you asked about our little beans, we would have a lot to tell you.  They still seem to be doing well, and we are doing the best that we can.  I thought we had the alarm set for three hours after the last night feeding, and woke two hours beyond that, with concern and panic.  Don"t know what happened to alarm.  Maybe we slept through beanie meows AND the alarm.  I don't know.  Any of you remember that panic the first time your baby sleeps through the night?  Not fun.

We ran to their box, and checked.  Seemed fine.  Before our coffee, we promptly got the formula prepared and sat down to feed them.  It was easy to put their needs before our desire (for rest and coffee at the same time), because of ..... I think a maternal instinct that God built in to us.  All these maternal emotions are involved ( and I can say so, because I have experienced- maternal emotions), and we care so deeply.

We got the next feeding done, and new concerns were, "Are they pooping enough?  What if my homemade formula is causing a problem?"  

That concern went away when daughter said, "Mom, we really need to clean them up, and get them a new towel."

So then through my head runs the worry, "Is it diarrhea?"

I looked.  It was not.  It was perfect scattered poopies, to well please me (not that I know how to judge.)  Sorry no pictures of that. haha

After the morning feeding, we wiped each down with a warm damp towel, where they looked like they needed it, and we washed the soiled towels and provided fresh.  Cherish took a nap (or tried to finish her night's rest) and two hours later we fed them again, oh, and little baby's skull cap (dried placenta) kept drying and shrinking until it fell off, so we don't have to bath it off!

 I finished coffee and Cherish had her coffee  and bagel on the way to the vet's office.  We bought two bottles and formula.  This involved a 120 minute commute round trip, so when we came back, no time to waste, until we go through it all again.

She is leaning her ear towards the baby bean so she can hear his sweet tiny slurps.

I think because they are premature, they are not good "suckers" and so ultimately (even though I worked and worked and worked to get the nipple hole JUST RIGHT) the bottle did not work well.  

We ended up putting the nipple at the end of a bigger syringe, so we can gently push a trickle out.  They were expending more calories squirming than they were able to consume.  We think they can swallow, but not suck, and we are doing the best that we can.

Thanks be to God, that like we accept the kitties where they are in their abilities and skill, so God accepts us where we are.  He knows our weaknesses, and even our flaws.  He knows it all, about me and the world, and yet He determined that we were worth saving, redeeming, and even providing for our eternal salvation with Him through our savior Jesus Christ!  Oh how blessed we are!  We can rest in Him.

Above, June 5 being a comfort to one another.  Below,flash-back to about 48 hours ago, how red their little hairless legs were.  I think fur is already beginning to grow.

Remember sisters:  Eternal perspective !!
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