Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Parents Get the Dirty Work

This is Sweet Pea's bottle, and the tiny thing is a glycerin suppository fragment.  (If you are unfamiliar with glycerin suppositories, as I described it to my daughter: they are like if wax and coconut oil had a baby....)  The baby wipe is for clean-up, because I suppose I am going to give Sweet Pea this fragment of suppository.  

Sweet Baby went to the vet on Saturday because he had been urinating regularly but no external product of bowel movements for 4 days.  Dr. Knight gave him a tiny warm water enema and a "gut load" came out.

Dr. Knight seemed to think Little Bit was doing quite well considering........and the stool that came out looked good and normal except for tiny "plug," so she instructed me to dilute the powdered kitten formula 1 to 3 (water) rather than 1 to 2, until he became more regular, and to call her if we had further problems.  

Darn!  He still isn't "regular,"  but he seems happy.  He still has a very good appetite and he suckles on my hand, after his bottle, and he loudly purrs, which makes me smile until my cheeks hurt, and makes my heart sing.

Do you think God put Sweet Pea and I together for me or him?  I am not sure.........

So as I prepare to administer the suppository with permission of Dr. Knight as per a phone call, I am reminded, "Parents get the dirty work."

Being a parent is a tough job........... with rewards like none other.

How many times did I call my mother up over the years of raising my children, and unload on her about my most recent parental challenge?

"He treats his teacher's better than he does me."

"How long is this going to last........?"

"Mom, what do you think I should do?"

"I have tried and tried..........."

"They bicker over stupid stuff."

"Why does she show these signs of stress to no one else but me?"

"I've done everything I know to do....."

And how many times did I hear my mother say, "Parents get the dirty work."

"They act worse with their parents because they feel secure in that love."

Well that may not be true in all households but I guess it was/is true in ours.

We lived through those rough patches.  It all got better.  Look at the birthday card my son got me last year.........best ever, coming from him, 6' 5" toot that put me through some grief his teenage years.

We endure.  We persevere.  Through the dirty work, we keep faith.  We do what we think is right, and we cling to hope, that our work and our prayers, will pay off.

It usually does.  It's great to have the Dr. Knights, and the other mother figures to consult and be encouraged and counseled by, but ultimately, we do our best before our children and the Lord.  Most of our worries work themselves out.  We survive.

Lets continue to relish the purrs, and the hugs, the tiny paws, small hands, pitter patter of little feet (in sets of 2 or 4) and be grateful we have this job of caretaker and teacher (of generations), even if it is messy sometimes.   
Here are some recent looks at Sweet Pea:

Compare to 2 weeks ago:

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