Out of the Mire and into Hawg Heaven (joke)

This post is especially for parents who are worried because someone has told them that their child is "behind," or is developmentally delayed.

Hmm. This is not real easy for me to write, just because I don't know how much you would want to hear, and how much I should CONDENSE or cut out.  Let me make it brief, and if you are interested in details, "Please ask!"

See this strappin' good lookin' boy next to me?  He is as intelligent and capable, as he is handsome in that sharp looking suit that his good wife set him up to buy.  He is my son, now in his third year of university (**half price for us, because of academic scholarships that his good grades and test scores earned**) and he was "developmentally delayed," at one time.

I have been an educator by profession for about 30 years.  I told myself that MY CHILD would be one of those bright ones who was reading by age 4... because I was a teacher, and I could teach him........ God just laughed.

He did not pick up a pencil or writing utensil until he was good and ready!  It all happened on his own good time, and God's.  He did not get potty trained until he was ready.  It happened on his own good time, not mine.

He was born 6 weeks premature, and underweight.  At the same time, I worried and prayed earnestly.......... I had peace and hope, that God would preserve and bless him.

He was a "difficult baby," though none the less cherished and adored by this mother.  During his early years I noticed that a few family members went the other way when they saw US coming.   I know they judged us for his behavior, but I also know that judgement was in ignorance, and I forgive them.

My son had literally physical problems that could have easily never been diagnosed.  We were blessed.  Living in the United States of America, Texas specifically, when he was age 2 years 6 months and not talking, I finally conceded to participate in the Early Childhood Intervention home based program that was available to qualifying citizens.  We qualified.

It was diagnosed by an "occupational therapist," that the muscles and nerves making up his lips and tongue were under developed and needed to be waken up.  Literally physical therapy exercises were prescribed for his tongue and top lip.  It involved massage and stimulation, and I was trained how to implement.  With in months of this therapy my son's speech sky rocketed, and his behavior improved as my sweet mother-in-law had said it would. 

"He's just acting up, Tammy, because he's frustrated that he can't talk.  When he can talk, his behavior is going to fall into place," is what Grannie Weaver always said.  She was right.

Academically he was on mark in kindergarten, his age eligible year, but attendance revealed weakness socially and emotionally.  After prayer and consulting with my respected advisors, I pulled him out of kinder and had him start the kinder year fresh the next school year. 

 From there he took off and has not quit accomplishing and excelling.  Academics has been his thing.  Not team sports...........but rather, books, martial arts, chess....brainy pursuits.  In first grade I asked for a conference with his wonderful teacher just so I could hear what she sees.  I asked her, "Just tell me what you see.  Does he have any weaknesses that I should know about?"

His teacher answered, "If he has one weakness......... it is that......... he knows the rules.  He follows the rules.  He thinks everyone else should follow the rules, and if they don't HE CORRECTS THEM, and HE CORRECTS THEM VERY LOUDLY, even if I am having quiet reading group time...." (hysterical laughing face, then embarrassed blush now)

Mothers I want you to understand, that Early Childhood Intervention program evaluated my son for mental retardation.  That deficit in the muscles and nerves of his tongue and mouth could easily have gone un-diagnosed, except the right therapist was sent to our house.

Our educational system, mankind, habitually tries to categorize and compare, even children!  I suppose there are uses for this, but don't let it be a discouragement to YOU, about your child.  Your child is a gift from God, and God has a plan for him/her.

Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

I have heard over and over that Albert Einstein was thought to be retarded in his early education.

If there is one thing that 30 years in elementary education has taught me, it is, "Never give up on a child, and never loose hope.  Always remember that only God knows how this chapter will end.  We owe it to our children to do our best for them, and usually a WONDERFUL reward comes..." 

Thank you for visiting.  I would be honored to address questions below, or to read more encouragement from YOU.
                                       Grandma Mary Martha 💖

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  1. You know my story Tammy..I could relate from this. I am and my whole family is grateful for the wisdom you've been sharing with us since God became adventurous and connected our hearts though physically miles apart. I'm claiming the same miracle for my son, In Jesus' name Amen.

    1. We will trust in God and remember that even His LOVE and plans are greater than our own. Love and prayers, from your sister here

  2. Always a good reminder, and it is nice to see on the other side. I think we can tend to stress to much and then push our kids too hard. They all develop in their own time.

    1. True Cynthia! My heart goes out to the young mothers who are concerned for their children's future, given the stress of our educational system, and life in general.


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