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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Crafty by My Daughter

It is too cute not to share!  Today my daughter is helping a friend celebrate her 13th birthday.  Fun?  YEAH !!

She had fun PREPARING for it, and it gave me joy and pleasure to watch HER go through the creative process from beginning to end to make these special gifts, that really cost minimally.  We used the Walgreen's app on her phone to order some special prints.  She bought a cheap frame, and cheap flip-flops. (We are hot Texas gals this June!)  She worked to make it all a special gift:

................EDITED:  More gifts for teens added:...............

Look at this adorable gift that one of my daughter's clever teen friends made for her.  She painted the canvase and printed the scripture to post in the center.  We haven't hung it yet, because we intend to buy some laminate plastic to seal it inside.  Then we will attach the scripture and find a place for it in the house (other than waiting in window by my grand daughter's activity table):

Here is a gift that my Aunt Pearl personalized for me 30 years ago, (again, before Pinterest!).  Today, my daughter uses it to keep her manicure supplies.  Do you recognize, that it is a tackle box??  


  1. She's sweet like you Tammy. I can see the nurturing, loving trait runs in the family. Ohh, I'm going to say this again..I wish we're neighbors and our kids are best friends or belong in the same group of wonderful kids in town. My daughter is thoughtful like yours, always giving to her friends, making cards and crafts as an expression of her love. :)

    1. Perhaps in God's amazing provision and gift giving, he will grant that we and our children can meet someday in person. Thank you for kind support !!


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