Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Thank You to my Blogging Sisters

I was motivated to blog, because I love to write, and I desired to put positivity in the world for Christ.  Yes, I expected to enjoy blogging, and I have!  Yes, at times I have felt insecure.  I am so amateur, but I have at the same time been encouraged, since I found a group of Christian women
bloggers (CWBU).  Having had the opportunity to see what they are producing has invigorated me, even if also humbled and encouraged me.

I am excited to read words from their hearts and draw from their wellsprings as God has directed them each in their own unique way.  Talented, loving, women speaking, blogging for Christ.  Praise to our creator and the Holy Spirit who grows us and teaches us.  These women are of diverse backgrounds, scattered across this beautiful earth, and still what bonds us all is our kinship in Christ.  Their products and contemplations are as diverse as they are, and I have enjoyed every one that I have visited!

What have I learned?  I have learned that my Christian blogging sisters are beautiful.  They are a voice for Christ, a voice for reason, a voice for the oppressed, the needy, the depressed, the wondering, the looking listening world, both near to them and far away, and they stand for truth, encouragement, hope, and scripture.  Oh how I love them!

I entered blogging to be a blessing to the world and through my blogging Christian sisters, I am being filled like I haven't experienced for years.  From the bottom of my heart, "Thank you."

More clinically and technically I have learned more questions to add to my list that I want to know.  I have grown a vision of what my blog will be.  I know what I am not going to do and have a better idea of what I will do, based on who I am.  My sisters have helped me to see my niche.  I am grateful again, and looking forward to the future.  Keep blogging precious sisters, and thank you for your kingdom work.  I am grateful to be enriched by the richness which is YOU my blogging Christian sisters.

Love in Christ,
                                   Grandma Mary Marthađź’–


  1. This is precious, thank you!

  2. This is a beautiful blog packed with wisdom and grace..!!

    1. Thank you for saying so, Rita, and for visiting. (Hugs to you, Christian sister in India)

  3. Oh Tammy, I won't get tired of hearing from you. You are such a blessing into my life. Every words are filled with wisdom and candor.
    I'm happy that women of Christ gather from across the globe to share the gospel and inspiration despite our diverse culture.
    I am also getting insecure and hopeless with my blog as I was dealing also with a lot of personal issues at the same time. I can't even manage to write a single post in 1 day. Month of May I think, I was already contemplating to just give up this blog. But one day, there's a woman who's generous enough to leave a comment, my very first comment to receive in my blog. Unfortunately, I deleted the said comment even before I was about to approve it out of some honest mistake. So what I did was I emailed back that person to apologize and hoping that she'll give me another chance. Her first comment is very important to me because I feel she cares deeply. After that, she and I started to write to each other, telling each other stories about family, faith and so much more. This honest mistake has led me to gain a very dear friend who lives thousands of miles from me. And this wonderful woman is you, Tammy. God entrusted me a friend so that I'll be able to see the beauty of YOU, to be enlightened by YOU, so I can also share the same light unto others. God bless you my friend...:)

    1. Oh sweet Kate! Thank you for your kindness. YOU are the blessing to me. You keep blogging, out of the love and generosity of your heart. Blog for Christ, and He will use you precious sister.