Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hospitality Remembered

I will always appreciate, that my mother shared my sister and I with her in-laws, my grandparents.  She said she did so, because she knew they loved us..........
These old pictures are from 80 years ago, my grandparents in their prime, and my daddy, the little boy.

 Staying in their home remains a favorite memory for both my sister and me.  Grannie's home was hospitable. (see my poem in memory*) It was our home away from home, and we knew we were loved.  The words, the routines, the hugs, the food, all spoke comfort and stability to our young hearts, and we slurped it up like greedy puppies, not that we lacked in our home of origin. 

My daughter recently told me that she liked it when her brother and sister-in-law visited  our home because then I "cook like a Grannie."  I felt complimented.  I felt under no obligation to maintain that celebratory standard of hospitality in day to day ordinary life, but I do highly value the power of sweet hospitality, and this blog is a place that I will have fun sharing  some of my hospitality successes.  Guest accommodations can be purposeful, or incidental, accidental, expensive, or economical and none the less contribute to tone of welcome, comfort, love and joy.  This is the goal of Grandma Mary Martha.

I think it is interesting, and somewhat inspiring and humorous, what I  learned about hospitality in Jewish tradition :

"In the Torah it affirms that Abraham always kept all four sides of his tent open, for guests to easily enter."

'In Midash Tehillim it states, "On the day a guest arrives, a calf is slaughtered in his honor: the next day, a sheep, the third day, a fowl, on the fourth day, he is served just beans (23:3)'

Hahahahaha......... Girls you don't have to feel inadequate or guilty for not wanting your guests to stay forever, but may your home be welcoming for visitors in love or need.

Grandma Mary Martha wishes you happy, practical, fun, humble hostessing 💝

* Poem honoring hospitality at my grandparents' house:
90% of my memories of them were at their home, or church with them.  There is POWER in grand parenting, and hospitality!!

Deep inside my heart
beneath realities of present time
lays the sentimental memory
of grandparents that were mine

I only had them both
'til I was just past 26
and let me tell you for sure
No better Grannie and Grandpa
could I ever have picked

From my memory as a child
with love it is my pleasure to recall
vision and feeling I shared with them
and what I learned and saw

From their good example
and the love they poured on me
I think most importantly
I learned LOVE is the hopeful key

I always knew they'd love me
I always knew they'd care
What a gift to have that
and with them, those years to share!

I remember them visiting us 
Ingleside, Bayside.... me crossing Robstown street
But I think going to their house
was my most favorite treat

An old wooden frame house
Never and air conditioner it knew
Stocked with the necessities
and always something to do

Cooking or cleaning with Grannie
or learning of quilting scraps
Her helping us to make 
our own creative toy
or sitting on her lap
or upstairs taking nap
hanging our with Grannie
I felt not much age gap

I could tell her anything
and often, so I would
She'd always love and care
and give good advice 'bout how I should...

Three other granddaughters, 
and a grandson that was grown
towards all of us
adoring love was shown

My grandpa was always there
Often sitting in his old brown chair
Never saying much,
but a powerful presence there

He always read his Bible
"Thank you God, for that scene"
My Grandpa and his Bible,
lamplight, magnifying glass...
I enjoyed him so much as 
I got much older,
and we could discuss things
shoulder to shoulder

He always had a comment,
if 'bout God and Jesus
you cared to talk
"Thank you God, for Grandpa,
that I could see his Christian walk."

Quite tall and very handsome
They used to call him Slim
Grandpa was strong and serious
I cherished my time with him

He conducted himself beyond reproach
even until the end
He was always ready to lend a hand
to any friend or kin

Faithfully Grannie and Grandpa went to church
They sat in the AMEN pew
They lived by their example
what I aspire to do:

Teach children
what's important
about God and family

Help them build inside this life
Sweet memories of days gone by
and relationship with Christ
that will carry to the afterlife

The old garage out back
has crumbled to the ground
Grannie and Grandpa's body
for longtime hasn't been around

But "Thank God for this, their memory
of two precious silver hair folks
who showed me how to love
and who's lives can teach
'bout love, forgiveness,
grace and blessings from ABOVE."

It seems almost half my life
I've now been with out 'em
But love is forever
I love 'em just the same
I'm ready to go see 'em again
when the good Lord calls my name


There is power in hospitality folks!
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts💖  


  1. Beautiful poem sis! We were very lucky to have them as our grandparents! I still miss them and think about them most days.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! You are the hostess queen, social butterfly, amazing mother, cherished and dependable daughter, jet set traveler of the family, hard worker. Know that I appreciate your gifts and your uniqueness. Glad you liked the poem. I honestly think I think about them everyday, 26 years after loosing them. There is POWER in the grandparenting, and hostessing mission field.