What shall I do with the leftover chicken??

We are eating again, on that chicken that I had to set my alarm for (chicken salad we ate on in the work week- blog entry "Lunches to Go").  This is how I stretched my food today:

Following no recipe, I mixed up leftover pickle juice and a couple tablespoons of cream cheese, with some chicken, for a unique, refreshing tasty salad.

Mixey mixey mixey.

Olive oil and garlic bread in the oven at 425*

With a few of our favorite other foods, it was an appreciated and refreshing lunch at home while beans cook and ground turkey thaws, for the chili I am preparing for my son.  (21st birthday party to go, post coming!)

The last of my middle of the night, alarm batch of skinless, baked chicken breasts was used to make hearty soup for my daughter and I to eat on today, and next week.  I will put some in the freezer.....
Why is hubby not included in our eating plans, daily?  Recently he is away working!  We are grateful for the Lord's provision.

I just let the chicken, broth, water, and pasta tomato sauce boil.  Then I added pasta, and lastly leftover frozen peas, because my family likes green peas.

It's pretty yummy.  We are eating some now.

That frozen bag of skinless chicken breasts cost about $9. I have only used about half of it so far, and we have had chicken salad with apples and cranberries, and then chicken salad with cream cheese and pickle juice.  Not pictured, I mixed some of the chicken with a cheap boxed Spanish rice (dehydrated) convenience food, and then the soup pictured above.  Good thing stretching my groceries gives me a thrill, since I am going part time in employment and my paycheck will take a cut!  When my husband is home he's like, "Argh !  I want BEEF.  I want STEAK!"  Not really, but some version of that....... My daughter and I are easier to please.  Every wife has to find her balance.  Keeping the people in your family happy and functional is a goal, though not always in your control.  Prayer is our life line in all circumstances.

Happy cooking for your families girls!  Don't forget to count your blessings and dare to be adventurous and creative with what you have 💙💙💙💙💙  If you stumble upon a creative leftovers success, I would enjoy reading about it in the comments.