Monday, May 8, 2017

Flexibility and Accommodation= Hospitality Here

 I guess I spent the first 11 to 14 years of my marriage trying to make my husband and my life, be what I thought it should be.  That doesn't exactly encourage happiness for anyone.  Finally I learned to be flexible and accommodating myself, and guess what?  It serves me well.  Here are a few examples:

See this tidy stash of ready to use plastic ware?  It is used to pack those economical to -go lunches that my daughter and I eat through out the week, so that we don't have to use throw away baggies.  This plastic-ware lives in the broken dishwasher when not serving us.  I needed convenient space.  My dishwasher stopped working a few years ago.  Might be a cheap easy fix if I paid to get a repairman out here in the hills, and I realize dishwashers are not that expensive, but my husband didn't want to.....Neither of us have the care or initiative to do any you-tube studying the way very clever people do, and besides all that, we really are pinching pennies to send our son to university.  SO, how blessed I am that it is a super convenient place to store our plastic ware.  Be flexible example # 1.

Now #2.  Oh my gosh, for YEARS my husband bugged me by the way he kept the top of his dresser so messy, or the desk, or anything he had access to.  Then some YEARS ago, I made the BRILLIANT discovery that all he and I needed was to give him an armoire , 

where he could stash or throw all his stuff with out a care, and I could close the door when I didn't want to look at it, or company was over.  And look, it also gives us a place to enjoy sweet memorabilia  from the kids.

Since I am more accommodating for him, he is more accommodating for me, with out a battle.  Here he is being appreciated because he is sitting in a plastic chair, taking a break from mowing, and not in the upholstered chair when he is sweaty and stinky.  

I just got through complimenting him for being a "cute hunk a' man and muscle," really because I am thankful  he mowed the grass, and did NOT sit on the upholstered furniture when he is hot and stinky.

#3  Here is a way that I have accommodated my kids for many years, and now my grand-daughter:

Yep, it's messy.  Hasn't been high on my priority list but it has been helpful.  Kids can reach it down on ground level to get their own dishes, and I know where the kid cups, sippy cups are.

#4 Above is a happy spot in my living room.  It is where my grand-daughter is accommodated in our home.  She comes here, and she knows she is valued and loved.  Things that are in my house especially for her, are set up for her use.  What a blessing for us !!

I hope you can take pleasure in accommodating your loved ones, and that your accommodation and flexibility makes your life sweeter, like it does mine.

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