Crafts: Gifts for my Grand-daughter:

Look what her auntie (my daughter) made for our sunshine.

It's a pull toy train.  Made primarily with boxes, duct craft tape, yarn, construction paper, the auntie took an entire day to complete this special gift.  It is among the items that waits at our house, for our sunshine to use.  It makes us happy to see her busy and happy!

Also, this little t-shirt bag is hers to fill and tote at her will.  This is how we made it, from beginning to end:

Step 1) Fold t-shirt in half and trim as shown.  You don't have to trim around the neck-line, but I like to.  I also like to curve trim the bottom.

Step 2) Cut the fringe which will be tied together for the bottom seam:

Step 3) Open up the shirt how you want it to be with inside out.  I want the words and design to be inside and not outside on the finished product, and I want the fringe seam to be inside rather than out, so I tied it with the design showing.  This way when I turn the fringe seam to the inside, the design will not be visible on the outside.

  Step 4) Tie matching ends together with square knot, starting on one end and working carefully to the other end.

Remember, I will turn it fringe and black print inward.

And lastly there is it is ready for our sunshine to tote her stuff.  I can hardly wait!

Now this cool little gift, is serving its second child.  It was made by my niece for my daughter (modeling above).  Now my grand-
baby enjoys it.  Very simple and worthwhile crafty that is easy for a kid to do with supervision.... Just visit the fabric store and for probably 5 to 10 bucks, you can have a panel to make your own fun fabric book:

It lives in this dish-tub book holder, with the other kid books including the personalized photo album (in front) made especially for her.