1 Chronicles 13 and 14, Devotional

How  wonderful to be reading the Bible cover to cover, and sharing the journey with some Christian sisters!  It is an encouragement to have company and discussions as some of us blog as we go, taking turns to touch on every single chapter.  Bamo, presto, a convenient place to post questions or comments!  This is a spin off of our ladies ministry which all Christian women may partake of in this closed facebook group called Titus Women's Gathering <<,

 but we link up every week in our blogs to make it easy for our readers to not miss the fun.

Angela has an ongoing complete index of these posts, at her blog, No Longer Lukewarm.  StaceyLynn Wells, recently addressed 1 Chronicles chapters 9 and 10 , and Tatiana of The Musings of Mum, addressed 1 Chronicles chapter 7 and 8.  Now here goes my observations and reflections on chapter 13 and 14.

1 Chronicles 13 and 14

Everyone Agreed
Chapter 13 is about transporting the Ark (of the Covenant) of the Lord God.  The crowds, assembly of Israel, priests, Levites, everyone was in agreement to retrieve it from where it had been during the reign of Saul, to bring it closer to the central location of David's reign.  I think of this as how, the seat of the USA was moved over to time, to where it is today, Washington D.C, no literal state, but the District of Columbia, independent of state. 

 Anyway, David had a rapport with the Lord, and everyone agreed with him on this, so it seemed like a good deal.  They all thought it was until...1 Chronicles 13:9-10, YIKES, the Lord got angry and struck down Uzzah when he dared to touch the Ark when he thought it could use some steadying.  They were to carry it with poles.  No one was to touch the actual Ark, but Uzzah did... and he was struck down dead.  This stopped everyone in their tracks.  David had to work through his anger (verse 11) and re-group, and he formed a plan B, which was apparently blessed by God because the family of Obed-Edom, that David decided to leave the Ark with in the meantime, was blessed (v.14, 1 Chronicles). 

 I only assume that this family had a good reputation and the location where they resided was near to where the Ark was passing by.  I can not even begin to imagine what was going through David's mind except that he wanted to please the Lord, avoid His anger, and have no more people struck dead unexpectedly.

That scenario signaled the abrupt change in mood in contrast to the merriment, expression of celebration with song and instruments, "with all their might before God," described in 1 Chronicles 13:8.

Good Stuff Repeated
Yes indeed many facts and stories in the Bible are repetitive.  Generally scholars view this as a way to cross-reference and validate.  If any discrepancies are believed to be discovered, usually a deeper dig or careful reflection will reveal a plausible explanation.  The book of Chronicles tells over again, some matters that were told about in previous Bible pages.  Such was 1 Chronicles chapter 14 when it tells about David's defeat of the Philistines.  It made me think about a post that I wrote about David, from the book of Samuel: David Demonstrates 7 Characteristics of a Victorious Life.

What are your thoughts on the events of chapter 13, where David consulted his advisers, all were in agreement that the Ark be moved, and disaster... Uzzah is struck dead in the process, but the family of Obed-Edom is blessed?  What are we to learn of this?  Is there a lesson to extract and apply to our own lives today?  Do we have more GRACE extended us today?

We are told that David was angry.  The exact target (if there was one) of David's anger is not spelled out for us in this chapter. Do you think it is possible to be angry at God and at the same time respect and fear Him?

David was obviously an outstanding character,and an outstanding (though not perfect) leader. Do you think his responsibility as leader was at times burdensome and heavy?  What do you think was his solace, or his peace, or his hope?  (rhetorical question really)

Once again Father, I am just grateful for my life, covered by GRACE in the blood of Jesus.  I am sorry that people let you down over and over.  I know that I have, and continue to.  I thank you for your LOVE and provision for forgiveness for in Christ.  Thank you for preparing an eternal paradise for those that are Yours.  By guidance of the Holy Spirit, may my moves and speech be directed by You, rather than impulse. In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN


  1. Paul said that where sin abounds, GRACE abounds that much more <3 Is this a reason to sin more in order to RECEIVE more grace? "God forbid!" was Paul's answer. Knowing, however, that there is an abundance of grace for us in the face of monumental failures is a reason for praise, honor, and adoration of our wonderful Savior and God <3!! How grateful I am for His sacrifice on Calvary for the atonement that makes it so!

    1. Stacey Lynn your input does encourage me, and you do speak for Christ. Thank you sister!! Amen to what you said.

  2. I always connect this with the Holy Spirit, while He is graceful and loving, in His presence, we just cannot play God, when the anointing is present, things happen, and even in the NT, people had it hard from the Holy Spirit like Ananias and Sapphira ! Good to read this, God Bless you Sister,

    1. So true Rita! Thank you for visiting and commenting. You are a precious sister to many of us....


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