2 Kings 11 and 12

The political, religious, human drama, continues in 2 Kings!  Plots, assassination, and evil lurking.  It is not always a pretty sight.

My friends Stacey and Angela are Blogging Through the Bible with me, and if you missed their recent posts, you can find chapters 9 and 10, @ No Longer Lukewarm, and chapters 7 and 8 @ Scribbles and Sustenance.  Here I address the next chapters as we journey through the Bible cover to cover, finding treasures, and questions.

2 Kings 11 and 12
Athaliah, an angry mother, literally set out to kill and destroy the royal family.  The Bible does not give gory details, but can you imagine the evil, the suspense, and the plotting?  Obviously not an example of honoring God or fellow man, or of humility.

Future King Escapes Massacre

I have great difficulty keeping up with family lineages, and throne heirs, but it did stick with me, that Joash, son of of Ahaziah was rescued and relocated, hidden well with his nurse, at the temple of the Lord for six years!

Evil Woman Killed

Meanwhile Athaliah, the evil woman was ruling (perhaps informally) until in the "seventh year," Jehoiada the Priest seems to set about with a plan.  He conspires  an elaborate plan with "the commanders of  units of a hundred," to bring down Athaliah.  

Young King  Out of Hiding, is Crowned

He, Jehoiada the priest presented young Joash as crowned king, preserved son of Ahaziah.  The people cheered, and evil Athaliah was lured.  In that scenario, she was hauled out of the temple and killed.

With Athaliah removed from power, Joash began ruling. Figure head in the beginning, one would likely conclude, because he was only seven years old when he began ruling. 

He ruled for forty years and during this time, the temple of false god Baal was torn down and Baal servants massacred.

2 Kings 12:2 "Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord..."

Mis-management of Temple Funds is Addressed

Chapter 12 of 2 Kings, talks about mismanagement of temple funds by the priests, for failure to "up-keep" the temple, until Jehoiada (head priest I presume) made administrative plans to organize and get things done.  With some policy change provisions and plan was implemented so that mason workers, carpenters, and all workers responsible for giving a days work to improve temple building and grounds, were properly paid.

The End of a Good King

Under Joash's rule life seemed to be pretty good, but sadly Joash was assassinated by "his officials."   Go figure.  The ultimate betrayal.  Assassination of a man that did what was right in God's eyes. (2 Kings 12:2) 

Dare you name the themes seen in 2 Kings 11 and 12, which are repeated repeatedly in human history?

When does life on earth have the best chance of being the best?  When people try to honor God's will, or if they do not give a care?

Do bad things sometimes happen to good people?

What is the HOPE for Christians who have bad things happen to them?
My Take-Aways:
Greed, selfishness, irresponsibility, continue to be character flaws that humanity, politics, churches, have to reckon with.

Reflecting back on this history it is easy for me to conclude (my opinion) because the priest Jehoiada had much to do probably with raising Joash, and certainly with installing him as king, and he was a good king, then all along, seems that this priest was rightly serving God and being an instrument for His will.

Dear Father, 
I am grateful to have your Word preserved to learn from.  I want to be an instrument to be used by You, for Your purposes.  All of my hope is in Jesus, that in Him I may have right standing to be used by the Holy Spirit to do kingdom work. In Jesus name I pray, Amen


  1. As always, Tammy, an excellent expounding of the Scriptures <3!! Thank you for sharing!


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