2 Samuel 22-23

2 Samuel 22 and 23 together remind me of the phrase, "reverse dichotomy."  I am going to discuss why, but first I want to be sure you know what this series is all about.

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The reason that I say chapters 22 and 23 are like a reverse dichotomy is because chapter 22 is a tender  and lengthy PRAISE offering to the Lord, from David, for His victories, mercies to him, and his blessings that he knows comes from God.  That in itself just seems sweet, because THAT is a wonderful place to be spiritually.

Don't us Christians LOVE it when the praise and thanksgiving is just pouring forth from our hearts, to our God?  It's fun to be at that comfortable happy place where we can reflect and realize we have indeed been blessed.   

I do think it is important here to acknowledge that at the same time David has been called by God to do the important job of leading Israel, he has been annointed, and protected; David has also been chastised and so it would seem disciplined when he veered far from God's will.  (Read all of 2 Samuel and you will see for yourself what I mean.)

Yet, David accepts the hard knocks.  He recovers, and he offers praise.  He does not become hard and bitter towards God. 

MAY WE DO THE SAME.  May we always have a heart that is turned toward's God, desiring God... and ready to praise His holy name.  

Now the reverse dichotomy is that while chapter 22 is warm, fuzzy, sweet and cozy, chapter 23 is brutal.  It reads like a history document of war facts and statistics.  Dry and factual, naming names, and declaring in some cases who killed how many, in service to David or Israel.

I really don't know what I of today, am to TAKE FROM this, except maybe humility and gratitude that my life is in such contrast.  How about you?  What are your thoughts?

Dear Father in Heaven, I am just grateful that I have never had to see or experience war first hand.  I want to look to You for wisdom and guidance.  I even want to look to the Holy Spirit through Jesus, to supply me in faith that endures through the bad times.  May I always strive to praise both after the storm, and by Your wisdom and work in me Lord, I DESIRE to praise Your name even when I am in the storm or the battle.  You are Almighty, GOOD, and worthy of praise always. Thank you for Jesus, His work, His sacrifice, provided by You. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN 

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