Blogging Through the Bible: 1 Samuel 23-24

Following Stacey's devotional on 1 Samuel chapter 19 and 20 at Scribbles and Sustenance blog, and Angela's devotional on 1 Samuel chapters 21 and 22 at No Longer Lukewarm blog,  I am blessed to now open discussion of the next chapters!

1 Samuel 23-24
In chapter 22 the slaying of priests, and their town known as Nob, and its women, children, infants, cattle, donkeys and sheep was done upon orders of the jealous, ambitious, dare I say greedy, King Saul.  Ironic that the first fleshly, governmental king that these people have, does such a ghastly thing.  

Enemy and Best Friend, from same family!

This is the terrible back-drop of chapter 23.  Saul is in hot pursuit of David, the people's hero (for killing the giant Goliath, and for excelling at every task the king had given him...)  David is fleeing for his life, but in contact with a sect of his people, including Saul's son Jonathon.

Commune/Communicate with God? Something that I find interesting about this chapter is that in verse 2 of chapter 23, and again in verse 4, and in verses 10-12 DIALOGUE or discussion between David and the Lord, is documented.  This is just the first half of the chapter.

Read it.  Would you conclude that the Lord is available for approach in prayer, for dialogue, discussion, questions/answers?  To some extent, to me it seems obvious yes.  Now why do I bother to point this out?  Isn't this a given?

I think no.  It is not a given.  My experience and observation is that some people do not listen or expect any answers, direction, or advice to be given from the Lord, or the Holy Spirit or God, or reference as you wish.... Some people believe and some people do not.  The people who do not believe that God would talk to us in anyway other than written scripture, surely would not practice listening for His voice.

The Invisible

I believe.  I believe that there is a life that we see with our eyes, and there is a life invisible to these fleshly eyes, but perceivable by the ministering of the Holy Spirit.  I get much comfort, and direction in my heart, from this dialogue, or relationship with God through my redeemer Jesus Christ. How do you get this ministering, this relationship?

It is available to all who accept the gift of salvation, and who pursue Him, pursue a life that honors Him. 

Life in Christ 

Read His word, the Holy Bible.  Seek His Holy Spirit.  Pray. Live in obedience and love, and you will be blessed. 
Here is a post about salvation in Christ >>at Telling Hearts,.

Cat and Mouse Game in Real Life

As Saul and David play this cat and mouse game in the wilderness (uncivilized land), something else that I find interesting is that David, at one point came unknowingly close enough to kill this man who was maliciously pursuing him (chapter 24 verse 1-4).  He did not.  He only strategically cut off a corner of his robe.

He did not harm this man, this king, who sought to have him killed, because AGAIN (chapter 24 verse 6-7), He received something, like guidance, from the Lord.

Later he used that corner of his garment, and a messenger, and then face to face words of humility towards the king, trying to build a bridge.  David outright invited the Lord to be the judge between them. 

1 Samuel 24: 15 
"May the Lord be our judge and decide between us..." 

King Saul's bitter jealous heart was touched.  He wept (v.16) and a bridge of trust was built.  The end of this chapter marks the end of Saul's vendetta against David.

More intrigue and lessons to come.  Stacy will cover  ch. 25 and 26,   Angela will cover ch. 27 and 28.  When their publications go live, I will link here.


My biggest take-aways from 1 Samuel 23 and 24 are: 

*PRAY, and seek guidance from God.  Wisdom from Him will not contradict His HOLY WORD, so follow that...
*Be respectful of God's purposes, and whom He put in authority.  Commit our enemies, our challenges to Him.  Invite Him to judge, help, and lead...
*Be diplomatic, and use the brain that God gave you.  It is OK to strategize or logically plan, but do so with humility and wisdom, as David did.
Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for Your Word preserved.  I am blessed to have this history and this heritage to learn from.

I don't like to have enemies, and I don't like to have confrontations.  I am not much of a warrior on my own, but if I must fight for any reason, I pray that YOU would guide me, and give me what I need.   With YOU on my side, I would hope to be as cunning, loyal, good, and accomplished for YOUR purposes, as David.

To YOU I give all glory and honor.  Thank you for preparing a place for us in Heaven.  In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN