2 Samuel 4 and 5, Devotional

Welcome to the devotional for 2 Samuel chapters 4 and 5, part of the Blogging Through the Bible series that spun off of the Revel in the Word ministry of Titus Women's Gathering, an online, world wide ministry gathering of women for kingdom purposes.

I have joined with other sisters, taking turns to start discussion of Bible chapters with a blog post, as we seek to READ THE BIBLE COVER TO COVER.  We have been so incredibly blessed as we revel in His word, and we invite you to join us to read it all.  Stacey at Scribbles and Sustenance, Angela at No Longer Lukewarm, and myself here at Grandma Mary Martha, and also at Telling Hearts would delight for you to join us!

I am sorry to say, that the sin, the violence, and the drama, just does not seem to quit, in the history recorded in 2nd Samuel chapter 4 and 5.  I literally had to take notes, in order to keep the story straight in my head. 

The story is told of son of Jonathan, having "both lame feet," but at age 5...falling and injuring himself further, so that he is "disabled."  As worded in the Bible, I would conclude that perhaps this was from a fall from his nurses arms.  Tragic.  This is not the end of the bleak news. 

More of the worst kind of betrayal and backstabbing, likely for selfish motive (perhaps to climb the ladder of military success in their twisted minds), happened when his own "raid leaders,"  named Baanah and Rekab, snuck into Saul's surviving son's house while he was napping.  His name was Ish-Bosheth.  Baanah and Rekab brutally murdered Ish-Bosheth in his sleep, then cut his head off and took it to King David as a show trophy.  

David expresses his extreme displeasure in this atrocity on what he called an innocent man, and orders them both executed!  They were killed in the most brutal way.  Their plan backfired.  All of that was recorded in chapter 4.

Chapter 5 gets a little more positive.  It seems that David's esteem in the people's eye has grown.  ALL TRIBES OF ISRAEL came to David and asked him to be their king.  Israel is united again.  V.3, Israel annointed David as their king.  He was 30 years old, and his reign would endure for 40 years.

I think if I were not in shock over the violence that I just read about, I could celebrate this coronation...unification of Israel, more-so.

David continued his warrior-ing.  I did not read his motive, towards "Fortress of Zion, but there, the "City of David," was established after seize and capture.  

2 Samuel 5:10
"And he became more and more powerful, because the Lord God Almighty was with him."

Hiram, king of Tyre, sent workers and materials to build a palace for David!!  Talk about blessed.  Talk about a gift!  Talk about having favor and esteem!  (2 Sam. 5: 11-12) This amazing gesture, David took it as confirmation that it was by the Lord's design that he was king over Israel.  From shepherd boy, hero, refugee, warrior, to amazing blessed and favored king, who all along fellowshipped in prayer with God.

He, David, took more concubines, and wives, and had more sons and daughters.  There names are listed in v.14.

The end of chapter 5 tells about David's war again with the Philistines.  I find it interesting that AGAIN in this conflict, David is conferring with His spiritual Father God, and receives guidance.  God gave encouragement, and some specifics.  David was obedient and faithful.  He, Israel, was given VICTORY.  This was not single handed.  David had followers, troops, armies.

My Take-Aways

Bad things happen to good people too.  This is not a pleasant thought but to me it is a reality.  Jonathon was on the right side, was he not?  Remember, he was on David's side.  He was a friend closer than a brother.  His son was lame and disabled.  For that matter, remember how Jonathan died.

David continued to be respectful even of the man Saul who had sought to kill him.  Neither did he celebrate evil befalling on Saul's son IshBosheth.

David continued to lean into the Lord, and seek guidance from Him.

Leaders like David, AND followers are necessary.

Even the called and blessed, (like David) may be hungry for confirmation of God's plan for their life.

Dear Father in Heaven, illness, physical discomfort, physical disability and pain, grievances with fellow-man, cross-ways politics, betrayals and back stabbing, is certainly the yucky side of life.  I do not understand it all.  I do not like it all (of life here). 

 I do choose to seek Your wisdom, Your ways, Your will despite it all.  Please forgive me of my sins.  Grow Your Holy Spirit inside of me.  May I be on the RIGHT SIDE, with my attitude, actions, and influence, whether I be a leader or a follower.  May I live honorably because of YOU.    

May I see confirmation for my role in Your will Lord, whether I be called to be a leader or a follower.  In Jesus is my HOPE.  To You I give all glory and honor.  In Jesus' name I pray.  AMEN

1)  How would you explain the cause of this violence among God's creations?  People killing people?

2)  What are your thoughts on David having WIVES and CONCUBINES, and also being favored by God?  Do you think God's will changes with the times?  Are His ways beyond our comprehension?

3)  If we can not possibly figure it all out or have all the answers, and if we are bound to err in one way or another in our comprehension and understanding, do you think we should err on the side of LOVE, HUMILITY, and GRACE, rather than judgement and enforcement?

4)  In light of THE YUCKY PART OF LIFE, what are some coping mechanisms that help you?  What gives you strength?  What words, stories, scriptures...are a blessing to your soul?

5)  Where or with whom, are you called to be a leader?  Where, or with whom are you called to be a follower?  Are all roles valuable?

6)  Is there an area in your life, where you would like your Christian family to pray for you, to see God's confirmation for His plan?
Do you have a friend or a group to discuss the Bible with?  Would you consider inviting someone to join you for the purpose of delving into God's Word?  Please let us know if you find value in our blogging through the Bible series.  Thank you for visiting. Please come again.