Hannah in First Samuel Chapter 1

Wow!  Isn't it exciting and wonderful when you read a story again, and see so much more than before?

Here are my recent observations and thoughts from this chapter:

1) Hannah's husband Elkanah, must have been a reasonably devout man of some leadership in his home.  He had two wives (Hannah being one) and he went annually as was expected, to make sacrificial offerings to the Almighty God that he believed in. (v. 1-4)

2) He was smitten by his wife, Hannah, though she thought it dreadful, disgraceful, and painful, that she had been unable to bear him a child. (v.5,6)

3) v.6-8  Why did Elkanah not know what troubled Hannah, (that she had not a baby from her womb, and someone provoked her because of it)?  Seriously, did Hannah keep it to herself because of cultural conditioning?  Why would the husband not know of such dysfunction in the tribe or family?  Why would he not stop it?  I am assuming that he did not know details.  Hannah dealt with her pain with out full disclosure to him?

4) She poured her heart out before the Lord, and promised that if He would remember her and grant her a son, that she would give the child back to Him for service to Him.  (v.9-11)

5) When the priest Eli observed her in prayer to the Lord, he presumed her to be drunk and confronted her on it.  She stated the simple truth, and he blessed her, "Go in peace and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him." (v.12-17)

6) She went away cheerfully.  She did conceive, and she did deliver and raise a baby boy, whom she named Samuel. (v. 18-20)

7) Next I find it interesting that Hannah's husband gave her complete autonomy to make the critical (of vital importance) decision about Samuel's future.  With her husband's support, Hannah was true to her promise to the Lord, and when he was "weaned," she took her son to the house of the Lord at Shiloh, along with various physical offerings, and she turned him over to the priesthood to finish raising and training him.  Wow, just wow. (v. 21-27)


Lord, when faced with hurts, disappointments, or family dysfunction, I pray your will be done.  Help us to make decisions that will honor you.  Help us to not be selfish or afraid, but to do what is RIGHT in YOUR eyes. You are above all, and your will is right.

Thank you for Jesus that we can come to You and rest in You.  In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN


  1. Amen..so much to learn from this..I also like the fact that Hannah presented her facts and she got the blessing and answer to her prayers, and her husband gave her the autonomy...an honorable mother..wow..thank you Tammy

  2. Always a pleasure to share with YOU Rita!!


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