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I am providing my favorite blogs list here because up to this point blogger is not cooperating with my efforts to put the links in a footer.  Thank you for looking.  Hope you enjoy these as I have !!................

Project Domestikate (by Kate in the Philippines) general encouragement and  Christian book reviews

A Lady in France (by Jennie)  food, life, Christian perspective

Kristin Koonce on living for Christ as a YOUNG woman, familiar with ANXIETY

As For Me (by Lori, currently in Texas) Christian perspective, EMPTY NESTER

Stumbling Everyday, by Andrea  about trying to DO IT RIGHT for CHRIST

Meagan Needham, by Meagan a young Christian NURSE who writes to encourage for Christ

Traces of Faith, by Traci young country girl, church girl, and so much more

Nuggets from the Heart, by Rosie , wisdom for life's journey as a Christian

Revival Rain, by Rita, a sister in India, who writes fiction, and deals with tough topics from a Bible                                                                                                                                              perspective

Specifically for the young Christian single woman:  by Chioma Oparadike; encouragement for life

Poema Chronicles by Alice, a woman who has survived an abusive relationship and now thrives.   She researches, writes beautifully, and exhorts towards living victoriously in Christ...

Life Notes, by Nylse where a mature, fun, and wise woman dares to write about anything, from a Godly perspective (and she will probably answer your reasonable  e-mails as well!)

Melissa at  addresses all issues related to family relationships and my pet ministry:  foster-care and adoption.  She works to build up families and has much love and wisdom to share!!

Edith shares poetry, exhortation, wisdom, and amazing fiction to feed the soul and make you think,    >>> <<<

(incomplete, and ongoing, last edited  December, 2017)


  1. Wow! Thank you Tammy! It's an honor to be included in your list. That reminds me to make a list of bloggers also to recommend. Rest assured I will return the favor by following the listed above. God bless you more!

    1. My pleasure to link you here! I appreciate your ministry and your attractive graphics with quotes!

  2. Thank you so much for linking my blog, God are amazing

    1. My pleasure Rita! It is a small thing that I can do, to connect my readers or friends with the great blogs that I have feasted on!

  3. I just found this, Tammy! Thanks for including me on your list! What an honor! I sure hope we will meet sometime, since we both live in the (huge) state of Texas now!

    1. Indeed it would be very cool if we were able to share a glass of tea and a piece of pie from Lost Maples Cafe about 17 miles from Garner State Park, Texas, blogging sister!

  4. Hi Tammy, I'm so honored to be on your list and to have connected with you. Thank you so much and God bless.

  5. I'm just seeing I made your list. I'm honored!! A lot of my favorites on here too.

    1. I am glad feel honored. I am blessed by all of these blogs.

  6. Tammy you have a humble heart of gold! Thank you for linking my blog and so many others. It is an honor to be called your friend!


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