Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hurts and Disappointments series; Refocus on the Bulls-eye

Hurts and disappointments, again, a universal concern it seems.  Re-occurring, ups and downs, accidental, purposeful, passive or aggressive, the roots may change, wander, ebb and flow, but still to feed the unpleasant sensation that we generally want to avoid.

For the Grandma Mary Martha series of dealing with hurts and disappointments, so far we have explored the idea of PRAISE and thanksgiving as a tool to change the tide.  Now, we will discuss the importance and significance of central focus.

Think of when you sharply focus your eyes on an object.... peripheral vision becomes dull or non existent.  Likewise when your mind concentrates on a particular point, it is magnified and other points fade.

As feeling people, especially us over thinkers, we must be aware and on guard, that we maintain proper focus.  For healthy living, this means focusing on the POSITIVE.  For Christians who seek to live for Jesus Christ, this focus should be His will, His word, His love, His grace.  All that He is, should be our central focus.

If and when, hurts and disappointments become our focus, it HURTS doesn't it?  Of course it does.  Time to re-focus!  Easy?  Not always.

What can help? 

Practical tips:

Listening to positive music.
Staying busy on positive endeavors.
Reading positive material, and spending time with positive influences in your life.
Time with animal pets, 
healthy hobbies,
creative pursuits,
physical exercise,
productive labor or projects,

Post positive quotes, Bible scripture, good brain food all around YOU.  Around your house, in your car, in your purse or wallet....

Routine "quiet time," to pray and express gratitude for your blessings, and what is RIGHT and good in your world.

Bulls-eye that you aim for, should be what is POSITIVE, good and right, and central source of light and life.  For Christians, this should be God's Word.

So keep re-focusing.
Be mindful.
Remind yourself and coach yourself to purposefully focus on the right stuff!!

Focusing on the right and wonderful, the Sonshine, will help the hurts and disappointments to fade.

Let's practice.  I remind you, and you remind me.  

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