Sunday, December 30, 2018

Do positive Be positive

 Hurts and disappointments are universal and repetitive in this life.  In this Grandma Mary Martha blog series >>  this topic has been addressed briefly with two prior posts offering a different solution to be a part of the treatment for suffering from hurts and disappointments.

One solution offered was to PRAISE God in all circumstances >>

The next solution offered was to FOCUS on good, FOCUS on GOD >>

Lastly for this series, let's consider a plethora of ways that we can Do Positive and Be Positive:

1) Set new goals.  Work for new goals.  Clean, organize, dream, plan, execute, work for a positive change in your environment or situation of someone else's.

2) Surround yourself with positive.  Choose positive company and be positive company.  This may mean reinvesting in a previously neglected relationship, or initiating new relationships.  Seek to fill a positive need in someone's life who has a need or is lonely.

3) Passionately pursue the hobby of your choice.  Find like minded individuals and GO FOR IT.  Fitness?  Quilting?  Writing?  Building?  Painting?  Horseback riding?  Dog-training?  You dream.  You decide.  You learn, and grow.

4) Feel like you need a counselor?  Bravo for you if you follow through and have a good one.  If you are unable to get a professional counselor, you might consider reading self help books. There are some great ones out there.

DON'T FORGET God's Word preserved for humanity.  It is a priceless resource of wisdom as are the counsel of people who love Him and desire to please Him.  Connect with a church!

Take a friend out for tea and a piece of pie.  Friend listens, you talk, then you listen, friend talks.  Bet you will feel better afterwards.

I pray this blog post is useful to who needs it.  Many people struggle.  You are not alone, and there is always hope.

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