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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Meet Titus Woman: Kassie, of Cypress Ministries

True story:  Once upon a time, (barely 2 months ago) some Christian women were frolicking in a  safe, private place; a closed facebook group called
Titus Women's Gathering,
whose purpose is to befriend and build up, women in Christ, according to the model in the book of Titus,  when one member (me) asked the group, "What is that Bible verse about us being written in His hand?" after posting this picture (I had a reason)...
...and a few women answered me of course (Isaiah 49:16) and I read the scripture/chapter and complained that I thought I did not understand it well like I should, and KASSIE spoke up and texted, "Can I help you?"

To which I commented, "Do you have time for a study?"

And she responded, "Yes."

And with in minutes, our study group was born:

with Kassie, of Cypress Ministries as our teacher!

She makes regular Bible reading assignments from:
 Old Testament
New Testament,
 Psalms and 
Then she shares 
outline notes, 
some cross references, 
study  tips, 
and she  encourages and 
responds to questions, and
 provides general study coaching. 

 In one week our study group grew to a about hundred students.  We are past a hundred and still growing!

Anyway, because of working with Kassie to build our study group that she sponsors and teaches, now being her friend, student, and assistant, it is my pleasure to support her teaching ministry by building some graphics, writing some posts with her  and to introduce my audience to Kassie, my friend and teacher.  Published in Christian Lifestyle Magazine several times over the last few years, and being very ready resource for my Bible Study group, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Kassie of Cypress Ministries, and allow her to tell you more:

...........................................Please enjoy, from Kassie:

Hi, my name is Kassie and I write under the name Cypress Ministries.

In 2009, God majorly changed my life again (after going through a life altering divorce in 2007).  I found myself following God in a direction I had never gone before, and He started really impressing on me "to write a book" about what He was teaching me.  At first, I thought I was writing for self-therapy, but after several months, God finally managed to get it through my thick head that He wanted me to WRITE FOR OTHERS to read what He was teaching me.

Much to my surprise, He changed me from being a private person to an open book!  During 2009 the most prompting message to me from Him was "What is My Name?"  At first, I kept answering in prayer-- "God"-- but there seemed to be more that He wanted from me.  Then He kept bringing John 21:15-17 to me, and a need in me to "feed the hungry."

I finally realized that He was asking me to "feed those who were hungry for Him," so I did!  In 2011 my first book was published..............FOLLOW this link to read more about this book which examines and considers the 20 different names of God:..........................................................

Follow link here to learn more about this book!

I found that Isaiah 50:4 became my life verse.  I then went on to get my degree in biblical studies and teaching.  I also took several courses in biblical counseling.  In my desire to learn how God would have me to "feed His sheep," I then got my endorsement as a biblical studies leader from Precept Ministries.  

After which, I continued with school and worked on getting certified as a biblical life coach, which with all my credentials, I received my license in general ministries and counseling/coaching in late 2017.  I can honestly say that God has created a LOVE of His Word in me, and some how that has turned me into a Bible nerd (again---much to my surprise).

My latest series "Growing with God" was released late summer of 2017.  It features Growing in God's Word, which is filled with study tips and biblical insights about the Bible itself and study notes and insights for every Book of the Bible.  It's written in a commentary style, but also gives you room to write down your own notes.

The series also includes two different notebooks, each written to help you grow in your personal studies.
............................................................from Tammy:
Above, our friend Anna H. gave permission for me to use the thank you picture that she posted in our women's study group, and her words as she claimed that the books have "brilliant lay-out," and offer, "loads of prompts and guidance." back to Kassie:

This (above) series was based on the personal growth lesson that touched my heart while reading Acts 8:26-38, and Phillip helping the man to understand the Scripture he was reading.

Reading Scripture can be difficult--especially if you don't really understand it.  So God has given me a desire to help others go deeper and grow so as to be rooted in His Word, and to be able to connect the truth of His Word to our every day lives.

One last thought--through these years there have been many studies I would have loved to have done, but I simply couldn't afford them.  With that in mind, I have tried to offer (as I can) free resources to help others as I wish I could have benefited from.

Kassie, thank you for sharing, and thank you for working hard to TEACH the sheep that God brings you.  I am LOVING my study group with you!!


(above) Public blog offering wonderful FREE study support for Walking Through His Word Bible Study, the blog that was born to feed his sheep!!!!

Links to see more from Kassie:

Thanks for visiting!  We would love to have you join us in study or share this blog post with anyone that you think might enjoy it.  We are looking for other brothers and sisters to lead groups in the Walking Through His Word Bible Study!

Hope to hear from you are see you around.

***************attention BLOGGERS *****************

In our blog called Walking Through His Word Bible Study, we are going to have a THANK YOU page, where we look forward to LINKING to blogs that we approve of (with a short review and picture graphic), who sponsor our teaching ministry by posting a review and link to our teaching blog hosted by Cypress Ministries.  

I have no doubt that this teaching ministry may compliment some creative and wonderful blogs which have something special to offer, but DIFFERENT than the mission TO WALK through the Bible.  Please comment here or more privately if you think you might be interested in partnering with us to grow each other's audiences in this way.

Tammy, Kassie, Anna R.

Meet leaders in our women's study group:

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  1. Thank you so very much! I am truly blessed to have you working with me!


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