Creative Share: on His Word and more

The scroll art is made by my daughter.  She is making macrame bracelets and anklets, AND commissioned scroll art, to raise donations towards a little girl named Eden, please follow this link if you would like to know more>
If you are interested in donating towards this goal, in return for a macrame friendship bracelet or anklet, or a unique work of scroll art, please leave a message for me here, or you can join our group and message us at

His will, His word, His Holy Spirit, rain down on me.  I pray, Heavenly Father, that Your will would be done.


Yes truly
His Word
Is a wonderful
In my life
Some days I am distracted
My attention on matters in life
help me
to this
Your word, Father, I know is TRUE. I want to look to scripture for all I say and do.  All decisions, all attitudes, I pray mine with your word will line up.  Have your way in my heart Father, reflect your Sonshine in me.  With Your word in my life, and Holy Spirit at home, I can HOPE in my salvation through Christ, and rest in protection from YOU.  You are my rock and my keeper Father, here and now, and until you make me brand new.  Thank you.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.
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Thank you for visiting.  In reference to my daughter's endeavor to raise money for Eden, and her service dog, please know that we are willing to answer any question.  Eden's mother is in full support and knowledge as well, and you may ask her questions.  My creation of our closed group, "For Eden and Her Service Dog," was so that we would have a place to make OPEN between concerned and involved parties, exactly what is transpiring.  We will post for Eden's family to see, what is contributed, and with names if you grant permission.

The purpose of the church here is to edify and build-up, show LOVE.  We thank you for showing love for Eden, with prayer support or contributions.


Here, I just finished an informative summary about Eden's journey: