Saturday, March 31, 2018

Note Journal Craftie

I wanted a note journal to hold my Bible notes.  Though my first one was thrown together, a while later, I took some time to put together a more attractive and service-able version.  Using what I had on hand, this is how I did it:

It is totally possible to purchase these "compostion books" on sale for anywhere from $ .10 to $.25 (pennies per journal).  Keep your eye out for sales!

Then I used tape, glue, scissors, discarded folders (for the pockets), ribbon, fuzzy craft stick, and portfolio or plastic sheet covers.

First I matched up two plastic sheet protectors at the binder hole edge and taped it.  Then I used that as the journal cover!!  This is super cool because it provides a COVER for the journal where the user may add his/her own photo or document inside for show cover.

Fold and cover as you would a book, careful this time, to leave TOP unhindered (match up the top edges, do not fold them at all) so that through the TOP, photos or document may be inserted into the cover:

I selected a durable plastic folder and marked and cut so that it would fit inside the cover to serve as pocket to hold notes, hand-outs, or materials.  I attached it with tape loops though of course hot glue would be awesome it you wanted to use that:

Using a craft stick and ribbon, I made a silly and totally service-able place marker:

View of front pocket:

I made tabs using sticky note pad pages and glue:

There you have it!  A fun, service-able journal with sections.  Could translate into a very special gift for someone!

Thank for letting me share.  Wishing you wonderful walks in the Sonshine!

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