Thursday, March 8, 2018

Homemade Humus

Do you like that middle eastern dish called humus?  It is made with pureed chick-peas?  We love it, but lately I haven't bought it much because it is a little pricey for the amount you get.  

I was low on our typical lunch making supplies so this morning I kind of experimented.  I will share my experiment with you:

Into the blender went half of a cucumber (my personal spin or version, not traditional as far as I am aware), and juice from half a lemon, along with half can chickpeas, some liquid, and then more water.  Can you guess?  

It was way to liquidey, so I poured it half out into another cup for later and put more drained chick-peas in the blender..... and it was still a little too thin for a dip, so............ I put ground flaxseed and some garlic powder, and the ground flaxseed did the trick with out changing the taste!!  Oh, also I splashed a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  

Thank you to God for our rich blessings.

Yippee!!  I found some sunflower seeds so I dipped into my humus and seeds with my veggies and it was quite satisfying.  I recommend you experiment and find your mix.  

Please share with us if you create something awesome!

Thanks for letting me share.
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  1. Thanks for this, Tammy. My hubby and I have been thinking about making our own hummus. We like to think environmentally, and making our own will eliminate the many plastic hummus containers we seem to generate.

    1. So glad you visited! This is definitely something I will make again, and try to perfect!

  2. Replies
    1. I agree! It is such a wonderful basic staple!