Friday, February 16, 2018

What a Great Read! Nuggets from the Heart

This book is such a treasure!!

From beginning to end, first page to last page, I was blessed every time I picked  up Nuggets from the Heart, by Rosie Chavez Williams.

As soft and demure as the pretty cover is, is as tender and sweet as the author Rosie can be.  Inside, the words, the illlustrations, the stories,  the messages are as fierce of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT, and as STRONG as Rosie's heart is.  She calls the book, "her heart on paper."


Over the decades of managing marriage, child raising, a nursing career, triumphing as empty nester, and pulling up some roots and moving state to state more than a few times, Rosie has collected precious nuggets of wisdom, mercy and grace, to encourage her readers, what-ever their path!  In her book, she is courageous enough to reveal herself vulnerable and growing,  and wise and gracious enough to portray the attitude of love and acceptance of a person (reader) no matter circumstance or past.

Rich with scripture and inspiration of from above, you will not be disappointed if you get a copy for yourself, and others for gifts!!

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Check it out, and blessings to you.  May Sonshine be warm and bright in your path. 

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  1. Sounds like an awesome book to read for wisdom and encouragement

    1. Teliah, it always makes my heart smile when I see that you have visited. Blessings dear sister.