Monday, February 19, 2018

Time for an Empty Nester Splurge

Time for an "Empty Nester Kind of Splurge,"
It's where you have freedom to follow an urge

No need to worry 
"What still to do yet?"

The day is yours,

No kids to tame,
Schedule is open,
Too many blessings to name,

You survived the rough days,
Memories a haze,
Your future is open,
God lead in the maze,

Now called mostly to love,
Be available as God wills,
... more time to indulge,
And way less bills,

Relinquish control,
You're not the one with wee ones...
I get to love and encourage,
Rest in humility and God,

Clean conscience,
Clean hands,
'Cause I was died for on the cross,
And many years now, 
I've sought God as my boss,

Law of faith, I am covered,
No worries, but to LOVE,
I can because of Him,
My strength comes from ABOVE,

Less responsibility,
Fewer bills,
I get to do more what 'er I will,
And because of Christ in me,
I am better, better still,

In Christ is my HOPE,
As blessed *Empty Nester,

*My son is a grown man, raising a child,
My daughter is glorious, strong yet mild,
When both are away, doing their thing,
Empty Nest is the phase 
That this time does ring...

Dear Father in Heaven,
I thank you for my children, and our growing family.  Thank you for so many answered prayers along the way.  Thank you for giving me permission, in fact the directive, to look at the bright side of every life phase.  As for me and my house, we do not want to live any of this life with out YOU!
In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN

@ Grandma Mary Martha

Empty Nest and Beyond, support group >>

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