Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Answered Prayer; Dream Come True

My heart is full.  
I wanted pictures, but I knew it was going to be too hectic to get pictures, and I was right. I finally had "my new family to love," come over to my house.

We had great food, and now I have precious memories and a full, hopeful heart.  I  have a wonderful story: epilogue and chapter one.

I had always wanted to foster or adopt children.  Before I ever married, I prepared a room at my house for the foster child that I dreamed of....  

Ten years later, I prepared to adopt a teenager, and he did not let me. (Full story in poetry form here: .    The story about when he got married, here:

I mentored several children over the years,  and raised two of my own.  One flew out of the nest and gave me a granddaughter that I get to see occasionally.  My youngest is a delightful young lady that will be in high school next year.  When she ventures away for socializing with out me, I feel 100% empty nest and it is not easy.

Letting go of my son was difficult.
He's doing GREAT. He doesn't need me.

So much of life has passed me.  I don't expect to foster or adopt.  I lack energy and yet my heart...

I had literally called out to the Lord, "Can you show me someone who is doing that...someone who is giving children a home...someone that I can step up beside to love, support, encourage, provide respite care for...I want someone to love  Father..."

Then my daughter works in the church nursery, and from her I learn that there is a family at my church...... who I have seen- sit right in front of me before... who has done what I dreamed of doing! 

They adopted three, and have three from their biology. 

I approached her, the SWEET MAMA just "out of the blue"one Sunday after the service and just introduced myself and started telling her who I am and what I dream of.... how I had been praying, and how I wanted to be here for her and her family, and believed it was an answer to  my prayer...  and she didn't RUN. 

Now, I have adopted her and her family into my heart.

The story about how her family came to be, is remarkable, amazing, and miraculous, (truly God at work!!)  and which I want to learn more details about and blog on later with permission, but for now I will share that God has answered my heart's desire.  He has given me a family to love and support.

Amazing God that our Father is, He also moved on my daughter's heart.  She is in 100% agreement with me that it will be our love ministry!  

Right now the expectation is that we will, every 6 weeks or so, go to their house and spend the day with their 6 children, and try to make a super fun day of it with them, while SWEET MOMMA and AMAZING DAD go out and enjoy time with each other.

We will be figuring this out as we go, but I feel God in this all the way.  SWEET MAMA talked of possibility of compensating me and I said, "No way, but I tell you two things that I am gonna get out of this:  Number one, my daughter says she's going to have 5 or 6 children, and this will be really good practice for her.  Number two, I am an older mother and I am always looking for others who are younger who may be here for my daughter..... You and your family could end up being the most important people in the world to my daughter!  That is what I get out of it, and I just feel blessed!"

My heart is overflowing with gratitude, and love and hope.  Walking with our Father is a blessed life indeed.

Pictures and more later, if/when I get permission. 

Me... I am a happy grannie, and have just adopted 8 more into my heart (6 children).  My world has grown in love, and I am so grateful.  ( I added eggs in my chalkboard art)
Thanks for letting me share. Don't give up on your dreams ya'll!  Commit your purpose to the Lord, and your adventure will be GREAT!

from Grandma Mary Martha blog


  1. God made you a foster Grandma! :)

    1. YES !! God is AWESOME and AMAZING, and I am so grateful for the role He has granted me. Hugs sister!

  2. I love this!! Not everyone is able to foster or adopt, but I believe there is a way for everyone to help. I'm so glad the Lord showed you your avenue! This is beautiful! Thank you for blessing an adoptive family in this way!

    1. Thank you Lindsey, for visiting, and sharing kind words. I feel so blessed for what God has given me, and I am grateful for this beautiful family.

  3. What an awesome story!! You are such a loving lady with a huge heart!! Bless you sweetheart. God is good! ❤

  4. Thank you for your always kind, gracious support Donna. I am so grateful that in my grieving and loneliness (for missing my son...) that God has brought me a dream come true!!

  5. What a lovely reflection! Wonderful to see God working in your life. You will be a blessing for his family and they will bless you, as well!

  6. Wow that is such a touching post. God is so faithful!

  7. So great that you are able to share your love with others. So many people need friends, moms, grandmoms...