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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Meet Special Lady: Linda M. Kurth

Our closed facebook group, "Encouraging Entourage," is blessed to have this cool lady contribute some nutritious, special recipes, so let's learn who she is.  Enjoy this e-mail interview exchange between her and me recently:

Linda, I am grateful that you expressed willingness to share nutritious recipes with us here at Encouraging Entourage.  I think our members would enjoy learning who you are.  Please tell us about who you are, what you do, what your dreams, passions, and aspirations are at this time of your life?

For many years I'd thought about writing a cookbook, but since cooking is a hobby and not a profession, I decided against it.  Then along came the Internet.  Friends who wanted my recipes urged me to start a recipe blog.  

Mostly I'm inspired by recipes I've found and altered a bit to suit my taste.  A few of my recipes are totally original.  When I get excited about a particular dish I've discovered, I document it and put it up on the blog.  I love following my own blogged recipes on my tablet.  Very convenient!  

I've gone through may phases of cooking over the years, and that includes the hippie movement that emphasized natural foods and cooking.  Plus, I come from a family that's always had vegetable gardens and I've followed that tradition, so it's "natural," for me to cook with wholesome foods.  I hope that soon I'll be able to add nutritional data to the recipes.

As far as my dreams and passions go, besides my husband, writing is number one.  Gardening and my home (I used to be an interior designer) are number two.  Number three would be travel where I'm influenced by the local cuisine.  Oh, and trees!  I love big trees and make a point of hugging every one I come across, and I care deeply about the environment.  Back to my writing... I write for both adults and children and I am currently concentrating on my memoir, God, the Devil,and Divorce about the heartache of divorce and God's Provision.

We look forward to your regular posts of nutritious recipes.  One or two a week would be GREAT!  If you would like to share other inspiration or encouragement in the way of blog posts for our members to benefit from, please feel free to do that in the specified share thread each week.   Now, are there any social media links contact information that you would like to share with us at this time?

You can find my recipes indexed at

My memoir blog is

My adult writing website is 

I would love to meet more Facebook friends at

Please Like my author page too.

Thank you so much for bringing us into your circle of facebook friends!  I hope we are a wonderful encouragement to each other!

The Lord's will be done in our group, in our hearts, in our lives, our family's lives, and in all the world, as in Heaven!

Visit and click on the join button if you are interested in our closed facebook for the purpose of supporting one another for the purpose of promoting healthy body, mind,soul, with an emphasis on nutritious foods, and exercise:

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