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Marvelous Moments in His Word: Romans 2

Hi ya'll thanks for visiting again! Gratitude to Ally from her blog at I am blogging through the book of Romans each week because of her encouragement and organization.  Chapter one was last week.  Here is chapter two, and  it is not full of simple matter!

With just me, my Bible, and prayer, I glean several major points from Romans chapter two:

~   Judging others is serious and dangerous (v.1-4)

~  Judgement belongs to God, according to TRUTH-His truth (v.2) 

~  God does not have partiality towards persons (v.11)

~  He has provided our consciousness as a helper and guide; we shall listen to it's witness inside of us (v.15)

~   Secrets will not remain secret at judgement (v.16)

~  Teachers benefit from preparations for their students (v.21)

~   Most striking of all to me:  If you don't practice what you preach, you could be guilty of blasphemy (v.24)

~  Circumcised vs. uncircumcised, doesn't matter as much as what is in one's heart. (v.25-29)

~  We should seek praise of  God, and not of men (v.29)

Each of those points could inspire a sermon!  I would like to comment further on the verses which speak to God not being partial to individuals, but yet while teachers may benefit as they learn with their students, if they do not practice what they preach, it is REALLY  exponentially bad.

Romans 2:21
Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself?....

Romans 2:23
Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonorest thou God?

I am sure that I do not understand this entirely, but I think I understand it enough.  It's pretty meaty, gritty content.  Cud worth chewing.

Wow!  Think of the implications that God does not have favorites.  Think of someone who you believe to be highly thought of and highly esteemed by God.  To God that person is no better or worse than you.

Our status of saved, righteous, saints, is through the blood of Jesus, not our own person-hood ever.......... What a person does with their connection, their life line, the relationship with the Father in Christ... now that may bring God glory, or NOT.  

If teachers are careless to dishonor God by preaching one thing and not care to follow what they preach....... BAD NEWS.  Dangerous territory.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank you for your Holy Word preserved.  Thank you for our conscience.  Thank you for revealing your truths to those that have ears to hear.  Thank you for opening my eyes and ears.

I think it's cool to read validation in your word, what I knew to be true, that the teacher benefits by learning along with the students.  Lord, I pray that because of your Holy Spirit in my life, I will be careful to practice whatever I preach.

Thank you for the hope that I have in Jesus.  Please forgive me when I fail.  Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven, and thank you for preparing a place for Your children there.
In Jesus's name I pray,

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