Monday, December 25, 2017

Understand Light and Dark at Common or Special, Social Gatherings

Think of the most famous artists, sculptors, inventors  in history. 

Should any of their "creations" or doodles be discovered, how intelligent would it be to make them a LAUGHING-STOCK or a joke?  

Rather, some intelligent collector would come along to recover, respect and perhaps admire and share in a museum, wouldn't you think?

What the artist creates, has a certain value precisely because of the reputation or esteem placed on the CREATOR.

Do you realize that the same is true for people?

As Christians, we believe (or KNOW) that people are created by GOD.

Does not that in itself, project VALUE on each and every person?  Yes, of course it does!!

Now this should influence our perceptions in TWO ways.

#1 You are created by the Most High God, Almighty Creator.... Do you have value?  Of course you do.  

Love yourself.  Treasure yourself, for the magnificence of the creator from which you came.  If you deny love and appreciation of your life, your body, then you deny glory to your creator.

#2 Every person is created by the Most High God, Almighty Creator....So does every person have value?  Yes of course!

If you think unkindly towards another human, you disrespect the creator.  You disrespect God.  If you make another human the object of scorn or insult or make them a laughing stock, then you do so towards a creation of the most high God, and YOU truly have a PROBLEM.

Bullies often do this, and they are blind or mean.

I have caught myself (in flesh) thinking unkind thoughts of a bully nature towards someone. I vividly recall a specific incident.  Fortunately, the Holy Spirit came to speak wisdom to me, and work on my heart....

With the holidays, here, I am reminded that family and friends may be gathering more than commonly done.  In such gatherings, keep in mind, that if anyone is not respected or treated kindly, it is not the victim (of rudeness or bullying) that has the biggest problem.  The perpetrator has insulted or assaulted our awesome amazing Creator.

Stand up for truth and wisdom.

Hopefully be an example of LOVE, truth, and wisdom, because of God in you.

Be the light.  Be a channel of Sonshine, and know that you are special, you are loved and cherished, because you are a creation of the Most High, God of Gods, King of Kings, Ruler of the Universe, whom all will answer to someday.

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Grandma Mary Martha 💗


  1. Such a good word and encouragement! Also I love the photos you put in the post!
    Glory to God in the Highest Highs! Blessings to you and your family and hope you are enjoying a beautiful season.♡

    1. I am blessed that you visited, Shayndel, and took the time to build my efforts up with kind words. Thank you for the sweet fellowship in Christ <3